I personally have a good experience with QL. I like the game in general, I can find good opponents to play with, and there is enough around in terms of tournaments and cups to keep me entertained and willing to improve myself. Of course things could be better, but my experience is overall quite good. My biggest fear is that QL will be shut down, and with the little time I have I do my best to support it, spreading positivity, trying to create content, and just hanging around happy of what I am given.

Said this, I do understand that other people, living in other countries/continents, or playing at a different level, have different experiences. The official forum seem full of low-tier players that post about things I do not experience myself.
I understand that you are very concerned about the situation in NA, about the decline of the game and a lot of issues. Let me say that I sympathize with you and all others for which QL is not a good experience.

What I do not really understand is your behavior.

Maybe you aim for awareness, informing people of how bad things are. To this let me just make two comments:
1) I can tell you that a good percentage of the people posting on this site are veterans. They know about dying games, as they probably saw this happening once or twice with their favorite games. They know about cheaters, as the history of quake is full of them. They know about all sorts of community issues, id Software faults and so on. This is in fact the major difference between ESR and the official forum. You can expect people here to know a crap-load of things about quake, small dying communities, and esports.

2) When you observe a sad situation, you can try to react to improve it. Or, if the challenge is overwhelming and you are out of bullets, you have to face the truth, accept the situation and move one. Tearing your clothes out is rarely useful. It does not help you (nor your cloths...), and it can possibly cast your bad mood over others. In the specific case, it could cast your sadness over people who have a different experience, maybe a good experience, with QL.

I think you should ask yourself what is your goal. Not the short term impulse of sharing strong emotions, but rather your stance regarding the situation, and how you want to interact with the community.
My humble suggestion, based on all the negative emotions I perceive in most of what you write, is to forget about QL, about this community, and about how sad these things are. Life offers many things, and getting stuck on the empty half of the glass is pointless and stupid.