I'm getting serious FPS problems from time to time when I'm running things through Firefox. I can't watch high quality videos in Youtube at all (high quality/HD), dispite loading/streaming perfectly well, they play at extremely low FPS. My main concern is that I also get a similar thing with Quakelive. It appears worse when I'm shooting bots on DM17. It will run perfectly well for a few seconds and then really judder for a few seconds. It's less apparent on proper maps when I play on-line but it still happens from time to time. It's really annoying! :/ My PC isn't an up to date power house but it should run things like this perfeclty well. I use the latest version of firefox, ATI 4650 1Gb, 1Gb ram, samsung 2233 120hz, external USB Native Instruments sound card.
Would love to clear this up. My PC seemed to develop this problem around christmas time. Previous to that it was fine.
All help greatly appreciated.