Many have asked me to help them with making a "QUAKELIVE MOVIE" how to do this and that and I think I have been more than helpful in these matters - But since this has exploded lately with facebook friend requests and quakelive friend requests I finally got to sit down and literally make this "Bulletproof movie making guide" for all to understand! I myself use Sony Vegas so if this don't work for you then GET sony Vegas. Click on the pictures to enlarge them for a better view. Enjoy!

- aNtii.


STEP 1: I assume you know how to record your demos (For those that doesn't) You can either use /record IamAwesome for an example or use /cl_autoaction "1" in your cfg then quakelive will automatically record each game you play for you.

STEP 2: Your demo can be found in this path "C:\Users\YOU\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\demos" do make sure that you don't have hidden folders on your C drive (For those that don't know how to view hidden folders I took some screenshots to guide you in the process) --> - For those of you that just wan't to play your own or others demos you just put them in your quakelive demo folder from there you can simply go into quakelive bring down the console and type /demo and the demo name "ENTER" and view them.


STEP 3: The program we now need to capture the footage + audio is called "Wolfcam" and here is the download link the version has regular updates and you can always keep your wolfcam up-to-date by this thread that kittenignition have made on the quakelive forum along with a few notes -->

STEP 4: Now you got this RAR folder called wolfcam and I recommend you just extract it on your desktop.

STEP 5: Copy all the maps .pk3 files from your baseq3 quakelive folder into the baseq3 wolfcam folder (For those that is lost) --> QL: C:\Users\YOU\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\baseq3 to C:\Users\YOU\Desktop\wolfcamql7.3\baseq3. Now when this is done you're pretty much ready to go play around with wolfcam (Atleast you would think so) Now select the demos that you wan't to play or capture some footage of from your quakelive folder into your wolfcam folder (For those again lost) QL: C:\Users\YOU\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\demos to C:\Users\YOU\Desktop\wolfcamql7.3\wolfcam-ql\demos - Now when this is done you launch the application and play a a few seconds of a demo then quit.

STEP 6: Now we need to place a movie making CFG in the right folder to give the video the best quality avaible by this I mean "The right textures, the right resolution etc) I included my own movie making CFG for you to use as you wish wich can be downloaded fom here --> Now when the file is downloaded you place the "autoexec" CFG here C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\wolfcamql\wolfcam-ql and you're good to go with some high quality CFG ready to capture some awesome air rockets!

// CFG binds

I already made a few binds that I use myself when I capture that I thought you would like aswell.

X = pause
F9 = Capture "jpg files + wav file of the ingame sounds"
F10 = Stop
F3 = Removes everything except the frag message the clock, status bar etc (you SHALL use this when you capture footage for a movie!)
When you need the clock, status etc on again just bring down the concol and type /cg_drawStatus "1"

STEP 7: When you have recorded some footage the files will be saved here C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\wolfcamql\wolfcam-ql\videos as hell-of-a-lot jpg pictures and 1 wav file to make all of these pictures to 1 single clip you need this program called "VirtualDub" wich you can download from here --> Now you're ready to turn all those pictures into a single clip what you do first is to drag the very first picture into the VirtualDub screen and release it now you can drag the little bar at the bottom and view all of the files (The actual clip you will get) VirtualDub automatically loads the rest of the pictures! Now go to video --> Frame Rate and select "Change frame rate to (fps): and type in "125" --> OK now select File --> Save As AVI and choose where you would like to save it then after that drag the wav file included with all of the pictures to the same folder and delete all of the jpg files! Congratulations you now have your first HD 720 clip + the ingame sounds but we're far from over!

STEP 8: Don't worry about the size of your clip you saved from VirtualDub 4 seconds can easily be more than 4 - 5 GB that's a thing you need to consider when making a movie "You will lose a lot of space on your HDD" Now drag your clip into sony vegas and drag the wav file under the clip and sync it up by making sure that the audio file has a perfect match at the end of the clip like this --> and delete the rest of the audio that does not fit the clip! This way your footage matches the audio perfectly!


STEP 9: Now we have the clip and audio matched and we really wan't to see the final outcome of all this hard work! Sadly if you wan't to view the outcome you would have to use a lot more time with a lot of encoding! THAT'S WHY I have included what I like to call my "Test Quality Codec" that renders rather fast and produces a decent quality wich you can download here --> Install it the way the file tells you to! This is what you shall do next! I included a small video for you to see how since it would take way to long to type! Choose all those settings I applied and hit the small "Disc" wich saves all the settings you just entered and call it something like "Test codec" or whatever you wan't --> Now you can produce clips that you can watch for yourself but I don't recommend that you use this codec for the final movie outcome!


STEP 8: Now you have assembled your final movie and wan't to make it public but you still need to jump over the last fence before you can share what you have been working so hard on! You need this codec "Lagarith lossless codec" wich literally saves your movie with no quality loss but makes the file very big I strongly suggest you do use this! Keep in mind that you need to render the footage and audio seperately!! Download link --> Now when this is done and you got both files where you saved them we can progress to the last and final step. You already got your settings saved so what you only need to do when rendering with this codec is to select it from the codec menu like this -->


We're almost there and this final encoder is called "Megui" and can be downloaded from here --> I also included the codec I use for all of my movies wich you can download here --> after installing launch Megui and let it update itself then save the file you downloaded into D:\Megui\MeGUI\allprofiles\x264 og whereever you installed megui the path is still the same and overwrite if you have to you also need avisynth in order to make megui work wich you can download from here -->


We are here AT LAST! The final render can begin and here I included another video to show you what you need to do to make it work -->

So this was it! I hope it was useful and I expect to see a lot of new movies coming out this year :)