The last release of Nexuiz (2.5.2) was on the first of October 2009, and when we decided to fork early March 2010 we continued where we had left off with Nexuiz. Large parts of the code, graphics and music have been redone and have improved immensely. In over a year we have managed to make huge progress on pretty much every part of the game. However this release is still a preview, which means that bugs are likely to exist and that some of our decisions turn out to have unwanted side effects. This first preview also still has a limited number of maps, but we do have many maps being worked on for future releases! In the next sections we will explain what new features are available and the main things that have changed from Nexuiz.


- Server went from 20 to 60 frames per second making the game much smoother
- D3D code into Darkplaces engine, improving FPS in all OSes
- Minimum suggested RAM is 2gb though configurations are available for lesser systems
- Amazing in-game configurable HUD system called Panel HUD
- New crosshairs per weapon
- New weapons (mine layer, fireball gun)
- New weapon features and projectile refinement (shotgun melees!)
- Warpzones (like portals)
- New menu skin
- Improved QuakeWorld/CPMA like physics and new game balance for better balanced and more enjoyable games across all skill levels (still being refined)
- New player models and animations
- New maps, a few refreshed from Nexuiz and and few brand spanking new
- Client authentication and encryption, keeping players anonymous but also unique to the server
- Tools for developers, find out on #xonotic at


Movement tutorial:

For more details, videos and screenshots, check out: