So I was browsing the internet yesterday for work purposes and I get this virus warning from AVG so I tell it to fix it and fuck off back to it's task bar.

Next thing I know windows defrag is telling me I've got problems, with a) memory, b) currupted windows, c) over heating ram, etc.

Now, I can't access my database (including 100's of hours of work) and everything in my user documents folder has vanished. (I don't back up nearly as often as I should)

Turns out the AVG warning was probably the virus immitating AVG in order for me to accept it, which then installs this windows defrag immitation software that want's me to do something to fix my computer (at my cost i'd imagine).

I reboot in safemode and run virus scan, all files are still locked from being checked, but I am able to access my database/documents folder, so I back up and format c/.

This damn computer and internet is so slow at work, it litterly takes me 6/7 hours to get everything back as it was. The good thing was I had my iphone with me so I basically spent yesterday browsing reddit and playing angry birds.

Pro-tip : Pay more attention to anti virus pop ups.