Scheduled: 12:00 CDT, 5 November 2010 to 17:00 CDT, 5 November 2010
Schedule: Passed

Czech Republic NecroRaisers back with another QuakeLive Duel Cup to take place on Friday, 5th November at 18:00 CET.

This time we have Killer™ 2100 - The Fastest Network Card for Online Games from our sponsor Bigfoot Networks as prize for first place.

Players will join a Single Elimination (bo3) brackets with a bo5 for Final match. Maplist for this tournament still dont have premium maps so premium account is not necessarily. The official IRC Channel of this competition is #NecroRaisers and tournament page at

Final rankings:
1st. Sweden madix - Network Card Killer™ 2100
2nd. Poland bodzo
3-4th. Russia agent / Italy _unsteady

Stream: CZ-SK TV
Links: NecroRaisers, Tournament page, mIRC #NecroRaisers, VODs, Final demos