From one Quake player to another, United States of America Evan "Nomadic" Bradshaw has interviewed the one and only Sweden Johan "toxjq" Quick. We saw a glimpse into his Quake Live skill in last weeks ZOTAC cup and now he talks openly about the things you want to know. Here is an excerpt:
nomadic: Would you be opposed to the addition of hub?
toxjq: Yes, even dm6, phrantic, ztn, t4, hub, edge etc. I believe there has to be changes to get some new blood into the competitive scene, and since Quake Live is a new game, they should not use maps that have been played for years and years. There isn't much to explore and it’s hard to come up with a new way of playing each map.

nomadic: Understandable, so in this way you favor t9 to be included in tournament map pools?
toxjq: Yeah so far I would. As long as they make new maps, it is important they are tested thoroughly. But you can’t announce new maps 1 week before an event like QuakeCon, that's really bad of them and unprofessional. There has to be some kind of organization that decides a map pool, and that map pool should be used for all the events of that year. If people wanna change maps, or add maps, it should be announced at least 6 months ahead of the tournament.
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