Tonight will see the beginning of the 3rd round in the ASUS ENC 2010 Quakelive TDM with the matches from Group A. Our favorite hair-challenged commentators United Kingdom 2GD and United Kingdom Joe will of course cover one of them for the ESL TV Quakelive show: And that will be France France vs Austria Austria. This time, the match isn't an exhibition and both teams needs some wins in order to attain the playoffs! Here is the schedule of the evening:
Belgium Belgium 0-2 Netherlands Netherlands (Details + demos) - VODs: holysh1t
France France 2-0 Austria Austria (Details + demos) - VOD: TBA
Sweden Sweden 2-1 Iceland Iceland (Details + demos) - VODs: holysh1t

Late game
United Kingdom United Kingdom 1-2 Russian Federation Russia (Details + demos) - VOD: lvl^

Links: Announcement, ASUS ENC 2010 Quakelive TDM
ESL TV: Free (Alt) / Premium / linux: -url:ESL.oph350 (Octoshape)