Hi, is there any alternative to HIDUSBF? My XAI is crap and i want to go back to my beloved 3.0. Whenever i try and use HIDUSBF, regardless of installation methods, my mouse stops functioning on restart.. and i have to retrace my steps to enable it again.

For those who are thinking about buying the mouse;
- mousewheel squeaks like a real mouse.
- they still managed to mess up the WMO shape, the sides slop inwards too early, likely a result of side buttons both sides.
- mouse hz is not stable, probably why the accel is so fucked more than originally intended (500 will jump to 1000, 1000 will jump to 1200). You dont get this on other mice that use this sensor.
- steelseries software has stopped detecting my mouse "no steelseries xai detected".
- you cant change 1-5 profiles without the dpi resetting to 5001, so you need to edit everything on one profile.
- when using 1 profile, the 2 on-the-fly dpi settings must be equal to eachother, else in the middle of the game it will change all by itself and you'll end up doing a 1080degrees spin, or a 2 degrees spin, depending on if the second setting is faster/slower.
- customer support has pretty much ignored my messages for 3 months.
- steelseries recently put up public forums, i posted about how shit steelseries were, 2 people agreed with me, and now they have removed the forums from their website.

I've tried to get used to it for a while, and i got to the point where i could almost comfortably use it, but every 2 weeks a new problem arose until i built that almighty list above. Steelseries has the worst customer support, the worst programmers, and the worst product designers i've ever experienced in a company, most likely the result of GCSE students who scraped a C in their studies. Their only good products are those they obtained elsewhere through buying out the company involved.

Do not buy from this BAD company. I have nothing good to say about them except that their marketing team is good at talking bullshit, you could probably sue these guys through the advertisement agency, i'm 99% sure. Although i'm more certain of doing heavier damage to their reputation through witty forum threads like this, than any other method that i simply can not be bothered to pursue.