Scheduled: 11:00 CDT, 20 April 2010 to 11:30 CDT, 20 April 2010
Schedule: Passed

The Qualification Rounds for the ASUS ENC 2010 are now over. And the time has now come to the groups drawings for cs Counter-strike 1.6 male and cs-w female, CSS Counter-strike:Source, fifa FIFA, ql Quake Live and wc3 Warcraft III. Starting at 10:00 CST on ESL TV, the drawings will be hosted by United Kingdom 2GD and United Kingdom Joe.

Update - The drawings for Quakelive is over and the groups will be as following:
Update 2 - The matches are starting next week! The default forced date/time for all games is Wednesday 14:00 CST. Also, the Mainround page is now online!

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