I would like to see in my life time :

1. Aliens arriving to our planet (in peace hopefully)

2. Humans landing on Mars (always imagined this being a thing watched by every single person on the planet, with the astronauts covered in sponsor logo's, probably "Coca Cola..")

3. Probably end up seeing WW3 (not that Iíd like to though)

4. Anti gravity everything. Preferably hover board.

5. Genetic removal of all diseases from babies/foetuses (hopefully free and not expensive so we don't get a Gatatica type situation)

6. Robots that are humanoid

7. Nanobots that can fix people and repair damage.

8. A base station on the Moon.

9. Sex robots (giggity)

Canít think of any more, but Iím sure theyíre lots.