Good news for Benelux Benelux Quakelive ql players.
A few weeks ago the EAS (European Amateur Series) were opened and if certain activity & signups criteria were met, an EPS (ESL ESL Pro Series) would get started. ESL Benelux only has a budget for 4 EPS games.

The reason they picked Trackmania Nations Forever tmn over Quake Liveql, although both communities had similar activity, is because they just had to choose something. See of it as a random pick. ESL ESL Benelux Benelux saw how much potential the Quakelive ql scene in Benelux Benelux has. Almost about 90 signups at the EAS ladder and similar and even more activity then other games.

Therefore they decided to give Quakelive ql a "supported" EPS which the following:

This means that there will be an EPS after all, though with hardware prizes rather than money. This is what ESLESL refers to as a “supported” EPS. If you’re from the Benelux Benelux area, sign up for the EAS and start playing!

A few notable players who are trying to qualify for supported EPS Benelux Benelux :
(Belgium burned , Belgium dem0n, Netherlands draven, Netherlands Liefje, Netherlands Geow, Netherlands Sc00t ,Netherlands Weird)

Source: Announcement - EAS Rankings - EPS BLX Prizes - Signup - mIRC #esl.blx.quakelive