hi . everyone who have wista or 7 have problems with polling rate mouse hz whatever call it .

am in default hz 125hz and i have stuttering [not smooth quake] i believ u know what am talking about .

i cant set polling to 1OOO or 5OO hz i try everything nothing works.

but when i was warsow player :D 0,42 . warsow have nice cmd for hz on mouse cmd was :

in_minmsecs "1"

Milliseconds delay between polling for mouse/keyboard changes.

every time u setup warsow your polling overclocked to 1OOO hz thats good , and every time u quit warsow your polling go back to normal 125 HZ . its very big diffrence . ANd i plaay Q3 on 125 HZ and its sux ! so hard

is there any chance that new cnq3 could have that option ? its very good thing . warsow have also m_raw and lots other good cmds . promod doesnt .

i dont need 1OOOhz for internet only for q3 so warsow have very good this thing with mouse hz .

sory for bad english . have good day :)