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On this week's edition of Live On Three with djWHEAT and Slasher (SirScoots will not be here for the next few weeks as he is at the Winter Olympics), we will have on the new owners of the AGP Tour. Last week it was announced that the AGP Tour would be changing management, changing direction and expanding operations. We will now be able to find out what some of these plans are, and if, how, and when they would be implemented. Additionally, we will have on TeamLiquid's Kennigit and HotBid to talk about the TeamLiquid StarLeague, currently in it's second season.

Other topics to be discussed include CSProMod's release on Monday, the ENC game announcements and the addition of Quake Live, the EVO 2010 game announcements and the addition of a female tournament, ESWC;s new "sponsor", the Arbalet Asia Cup & IOL Finals, and more chatter around the QL Euro Championships, as well as a look at the Asian Championships

Tune into Live On Three this Sunday at 16:00 CDT on djWHEAT.tv