Quake live i have;
- 16:10 1680x1050
- cg_fov 100
- sensitivity 1.44 (1620dpi)
- in_mouse 2

Now, because QL does not scale the fov according to aspect ratio (This is one feature that i absolutely love), my sensitivity stays the same, regardless of which aspect ratio i use, providing the fov is the same.)

i.e. 16:10 @ 1670x1050 and cg_fov 100, is the same as 4:3 @ 1024x768 @ cg_fov 100, except the 16:10 provides extra horizontal viewing.

Where as in CPMA, i have to increase the fov to calculate for the scaling issue when changing aspect ratio, thus bringing me to my problem of sensitivity.

Due to my lack of motivation to actually play quake live, i want to go back to my ways of #cpmpickup - but i'd like to gain the same performance in my mouse on both games.

My intellectual side has brought my cpma settings to:
- 16:10 1680x1050
- cg_fov 110.07368389795
- in_mouse 2

BUT... what would my sensitivity be? Does using raw mouse input (in_mouse 2) mean that 1.44 is exactly the same regardless of which fov used - or is it still effected by it? If so, can somebody give me the relevant calculation.

To summarise, if i have /sensitivity 1.44 in cg_fov 100, what sensitivity should i have for cg_fov 110.07368389795

Thanks in advance.