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18 Jan 2010 by Boleslav69
in holysh1t moment

Many things happened that delayed this project till today so apologies for that, but it’s here!
We’ve had some very good responses to our first Moment of Fame movie by Snelvovve, who sadly had little to no time at all to continue working on the 2nd episode.
Luckily, I did have some free time left and was interested in picking up the project! So finally after idling forever, Holysh1t “Moment of Fame” 2 is here!

Movie was captured with Fraps due to so many demos I’ve received… which is not only very time consuming but also eats up a great portion of my disk space. I tried my best to bring some good quality so i hope you ll like it. Had big plans with intro but rendering time went insane so I’m keeping a rain check on that!

ps: “Moment of Fame” 3 will most likely be published in February as i have captured rest of the demos. You can still send demos for 3rd as well as 4th sequel.
However, do please read the instructions in our original announcement! (Below the trailer) This will make the selecting and making of Moment of Fame a lot smoother and faster!
Thank you!

i think it's good ql movie

so i reproduced it.