Over at ClanBase ClanBase a few UT2004 1v1 players have been interviewed in regards to the current UT2004 DM OpenCup Fall 2009 cup. Here's a snippet:
United Kingdom Dird: You don't think Aerowalk is a ridiculously terrible map in UT2004 compared to the Quake versions?
Croatia Joky: In my opinion, i don't think so. Cause we all know that UT2004 is fast game, on some maps VERY FAST, looking on scores between 2 player on few maps could be more faster. Aerowalk is map where you can show some of your skills if you ask me, cause there you don't have so much time to think, you can be killed from anywhere because of those portals which are making map so fast and because map is small! But in quake? That map is other story...

To read the full interview checkout the appropriate page:
Croatia Joky
Russia cart!m
Germany RazerS (1 of the favourites in division 1 -- dropped after a GUID mixup in week 1)