Kristina "Korini" Chin of just sat down with United States of America Chance "Chance" Lacina and United States of America Tim "DaHanG" Fogarty of EG Evil Geniuses to talk before ESL Dubai. The interviews cover everything from the groups to their hopes for the Quake community, but you can check out a small sample below:

EG|Korini: How do you feel about the bracket stage's best of five format and the fact that players will not be able to drop maps because of it?
EG|Chance: I think it's awesome. The more maps we play the more likely it is for the better player to win. Who wouldn't want that? The only drawback could be that it takes longer to play matches, but personally this doesn't bother me and it's well worth the trade.

EG|Korini: What are your thoughts about the overall progression of QL as a competitive game? Does the current level of competition have any impact on the growth of the community?
EG|DaHanG: It's been cool to observe the styles evolve in Quake Live, especially on the new maps where it's so evident. There are certainly talented players willing to play, but I think some old school players coming back will help spur growth and interest. Cooller, for instance, has decided to come back and there are tons of comments on supporting him. Hopefully more old players return and the scene is further revitalized!

Links: EG.Chance Interview - EG.DaHanG Interview