Not long ago i wrote an article about the "Quake 3 Arena Road Tour" back in 1999.

It was a promotional tour for the yet not released Quake 3 game. The big black and evil looking bus drove to the south and west in the USA. The bus itself contained 8 lan stations ready to play Q3 in an early version.

My article is in german, sorry its too much work to translate, but you get an idea of the road tour if you read my used main visitor sources of this report.

Jason "loonyboi" Bergman blogged the tour 4 days long for bluenews

Dennis “Thresh” Fong visits the tour

TexorcisT was pissed that the tourstop in Austin University had no promotion t-shirts for him. Ten years after the tour i found out why, according to the bluenews blog one tourstop before a paket with t-shirts was missing or stolen :)

Trillian visited the tourstop in Portland, Oregon and lost against her man with 1 frag in the competition, excuse "i had no sound" :D
It seems sometimes the site is down, then wait a little while.

And we have Russell “RadPipe” Lauzon, he was on the last tourstop in Los Angeles near the Activision Headquarter, on the last final tour party, and he helped to get the equipment out of the bus, buhu :(

my picture gallery in 4 sections

- Katherin Anna Kang (wife of John Carmack) with Dennis “Thresh” Fong
- Victor “Makaveli” Cuadra