By Poland bodzo - Reply to #136
I wont be present on the tournament and i would like to apologize Rondrian and ESL for any inconvenience occured because of that. Thank u Fisk and nfinity for a chance and sorry for my resign.

Statement from Sweden Fisk
I'm really sorry for the situation that happend, not just only for the readers here on ESR, but also ESL and everyone who was involved, and last those who helped me last night and the whole day today. When everything was set, money was sent and all he needed to do was pack his stuff and leave for Germany, I got this query (above). But I'd like to wish Bodzo good luck in future events and maybe we'll see him in Dreamhack Winter.

nfinity eSports have looked to loan a player from SK to represent them within the Gamescom finals.

After the efforts of the nfinity players fell short at the qualifying for the Gamescom finals, nfinity management have looked to loan a player who will be able to compete at the Intel Extreme Masters Pro-Am Quake Live 1v1 at Gamescom. This player is set to be SK GamingĹs Polish star Poland Bogdan Ĺbodzoĺ Mazur, and although he will still play with the SK tags he will be funded by nfinity eSports.

nfinity's Sweden Fisk had this to say:
This move will suit both teams well as SK already have two players attending and nfinity eSports are looking to be represented. The move shows the signs of a great relationship between both organisations and we hope for this to continue.