Taken from Crossfire.nu:

In a statement released earlier today Infinity Ward have admitted to "setting wheels in motion" in response to the recently leaked Wolfenstein Multiplayer Beta. Infinity Ward, famous for their Call Of Duty series of games, have expressed deep concern over what they consider to be "a blatant act of plagiarism" in Endrants Wolfenstein.

"Look, you see that, it's exactly the same!" said James Thompson, one of Infinity Wards Chief Developers, as he pointed emphatically at two screens, one running Call Of Duty 5 and the other running the new Wolfenstein Beta. "We're shocked. You can sprint in COD, you can sprint in Wolf. There's iron sights in COD, there's iron sights in Wolf. And they're both sort of WW2-ish! They've basically copied our game. There's no excuse for it, we're in contact with our lawyers."

Supporters of the COD series have expressed bitter resentment towards the Wolfenstein developers as well as their fans. "They saw how great COD is and wanted a piece. You can't blame them really, it's a great game, but plagiarism is a crime and Endrant should be punished for it" said one experience COD player. The Wolfenstein community have also been very vocal about the issue, "Both games are shit so who cares?" said one member of the crossfire.nu, the largest Wolfenstein based community website.

Endrant have yet to officially reply to Infinity Ward's claims, but in an interview given earlier today Tim Finch, Endrants Chief Programmer, stated clearly that "We did not copy [COD]. I mean, we might have taken some inspiration from it, but there was no intent to plagiarize. We wanted to create a slower paced version of Wolfenstein. We all enjoy Golf, we took inspiration from that too but you don't see the PGA trying to sue us. To be honest, I think Inifinty Ward have had their panties in a bunch ever since Treyarch f*cked up COD 5."

Activision have remained silent on the issue. The Publisher is affilliated with both Endrant and Activision and declined to comment on the matter when contacted. ID, who own the intellectual property rights to the Wolfenstein Brand, have offered support to endrant, threatening to "let Carmack loose" should Infinity Ward take this any further.

The controversy over plagiarism has created a further rift between the COD and Wolfenstein communities, with arguments raging all over cyberspace. One server administrator claimed that he "hadn't seen this much traffic since Rivagate" before dropping off into a bad impression of Scotty from Star Trek.