From Fomos, 12/19/09:

When we think of Iris, we think of a reliable person. How would you describe your personality?
- I do my job and hate being ignored. I'm full of little, sensitive emotions. In contrast to my look, I'm actually exciting and fun. For real. (laugh).

You're known for unique style. What's good and bad of your play?
- I come up with an edge against someone that I don't have a good record against. It's fun to watch. If it doesn't work out, I wonder why it doesn't. I'm weak against players like Sea who's good at late game.

You've been on bench a lot lately. How are you doing within the team?
- It's true that I've been doing bad. I even went down to B-team. I thought that practice is just practice and does not affect the win and loss. But I thought wrongly. I'm gonna try harder.

What do you think of your nickname Berserker and SkyHigh's nickname "Little Berkserkey"?
- In terms of personality, mind, and game style, SkyHigh is exactly same with me. I helped him out..k I wonder if he's being appreciative. kk

Which junior teammate is most obedient and which least obedient.
- Orion is friendly. He's obedient, so I feel like I'm raising a puppy..haha some girl fans might be jealous of me. No junior teammate is disobedient. I'm not just saying this; they're all good. But if I have to pick...Effort and SkyHigh? They're good players and so have some ego.

Spare time?
- I hang out with people, sleep, and enjoy my hobbies. Drinking a can of beer and watching Ultimate Fighting Championship is the best. Haha.

Girlfriend? If not, ideal?
- I have one. This reminds me of the time when an interview asked me this question and I jokingly said it's my mom and had to deal with that comment for several weeks. My ideal is someone with both good look and personality? Someone who pushes hard for her goal. The ideal look is Girls' Generation's Yuri.
(Translator's note: this part might be bit ambiguous because he answered both questions. I did my best to convey him as he meant it. My interpretation looking at the original text is that "I have one" is just a reference to the mother incident and he doesn't have a girlfriend.)

You seem to be over 180 cm (5'11''). What do you think of the recent loser scandal (the scandal where a girl on TV said guys shorter than that are losers).
- You must not like me...asking this sensitive question ㅠㅠ.. Being tall and being short have their respective goods and bads. I don't think height is a standard for estimating someone. Having well-rounded mind is more important. At the same time it's good to be tall. I wanna take this opportunity to thank my parents. kk

Memorable nickname in school days?
- Mostly playing pun with my name. You probably know without me telling you. (Iris' Korean name is Byun Hyung Tae, and "Byun Tae" in Korean means a pervert.)

Anything you wanna do beside being a progamer?
- A lot. Boxing. Acting. Fishing. Psychoanalysis. I talk about this with people sometimes, but we just laugh it off. Maybe some day I'll come as a different person.

What's the difference between pro and amateur?
- Pros are systematically trained and burnt. Mind becomes different. It's a different level from being an amateur.

You drink a lot with teammates? How much?
- When I was with older teammates, we drank a lot. But nowadays we have many underages and I miss those older guys. People who made me what I am, back in the GO days. I have a lot of emotions. I drink so and so.

Most memorable fan?
- It's difficult.. kk I don't wanna show favoritism. Recently I realized that someone abroad has been supporting me consistently. It felt good.

Which teammates do you hang out with the most? Doing what?
- Mostly we just do a little exercise together. I drink beer and talk with Foru and coach Kim.

What's the ideal progamer image?
- We're public figures, so we have to be responsible for our words and actions. And if you become a pro, you have to throw some bucks! kk

How has CJ changed after Xellos, Much, and Oversky left?
- Not bad. Except something about the heavy atmosphere and charisma of the past..the mood is lighter.

What's your favorite team residency food?
- It's good food. I thank it everyday. Bowl rice is the best.

The question from Go.go, who pointed you for this interview = What's the secret of being good for a long time? ~
- What a timing. I'll do my best not to be an embarrassing player. ^,.^ I don't think that I'm playing a game called StarCraft. I just play for win, so I don't fall into mannerism.

Biggest reason for CJ never winning ProLeague?
- I feel that we're like 2% short. One reason is that I sucked during important times. If we can pull it together like the late 2007, it's definitely possible.

Word for fans
- I'll do my best. I told that I won't be disappointing, but I've been bad so I apologize. I'm gonna try to be fired up again.

Point the next person for 20 Q&A and a question for that person.
- GGPlay. I have a lot to ask... I'll ask two~kk. What have you been doing? What happened to the promise that you'll meet me again at a final? kkk

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