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Rating: 8.5 (66 votes)
Quake Live is the title of shooter-giant iD Software's newest endeavor to capture the hearts of FPS fans everywhere. This revolutionary shooter reinvents Quake 3 on a massive scale and is offered through their sleek web interface ABSOLUTELY FREE. Quake Live is completely Ad-Supported and provides any and all player skills to enjoy the precision, intelligence, and simplicity that QUAKE game play has to offer. Through iD's extensive Beta involvement it is clear that player critique is highly regarded in development decisions. iD Software is on track to release one of the most groundbreaking multilayer experiences, and once again they do it ABSOLUTELY FREE. Windows users can head to http://www.quakelive.com/ and begin downloading the next generation in Internet FPS.

Movie File Links: High Quality - 141MB / Medium Quality - 72MB / Low Quality - 45MB
Youtube HD / QuakeUnity.com / own3d.tv