Hiya guys n girls, first post, so HELLO to all, please be gentle with me!!

I have just rebuilt the PC completely, have a nice Dell S2409W monitor, first Widescreen i;ve owned, and a lovely Sapphire 4870 x2 GFX lump too :)

All is sweet... well... almost ;(

Q3.......... its driving me MAD!!!

I cannot get the display right for love nor money!

When I first used the Monitor, it was on the old PC, the monitor got here a wee bit early, and I wanted to give it a go!

The display was ok at my old 1280 x whatever it was, I was able to set the gfx settings so it kept the ratio and although I had black lines down the sides the picture was as I had always played the game, I thought when I get the new GFX card, I will set it up again so it looks great, but it doesnt, it looks awful!

I have tried all the settings in the ATI Control panel, like maintaining aspect or use centred timings, and also within the Q3 console i've used the r_customwidth/hieght commands, using all manner of sizes (inc my 1920 x 1080 desktop setting which crashed the game!) and nothing woirks ;(

I love Threewave, I miss it dearly, can someone please help me to sort this out im desperate :(