I'm in USA for some months and it's a good oportunity to buy a good/the best fps gaming mouse to replace the one at home (getting old and having wheel problems) and also have a mouse for my laptop here.

At home I have an old mx510@250hz (because it does not support 500hz or more perfectly), removed extra weight (have it since it's release date), medium-low sens, default windows sens (6), playing mostly in 800x600 or 1024x768, etc.

After some research it seems these are the best:
1. mx518

the mx518 does not need to increase hz on the usb port because it has 16bits axis format, which is kinda a good thing but not really important.
But I do care about 1600 dpi because I'm really used to the fake 800dpi from the mx510, so is a good thing to use it in 1600 dpi or I should stick to 800 or 400 dpi? (medium-low sens, because it's easier to aim)

2. ms 3.0

ms 3.0, great gaming mouse etc. But is it still the best mouse for gaming?

what mouses are being used by pro gamers right now/today?
any other mouse suggestion?

Thanks in advance for the replies (if any lol)