I was pretty excited when QL was released and I got an account. It was fun to pla something new and fresh, and play with lots of people. I was excited that it was going to get massive and have tons of tournaments for it.

But then I realized slowly, that it's nothing new. If anything, at it's current state, it's worse than what we had.

Here's the main problem I see with this. We can all agree that in terms of balance, movement, etc, that Quake 3 is the best out of all the Quakes. MOST people will agree on this, I know some of the QW and CPM'ers won't.

We know QL needs more time. It's not that it's bad, it's just at its current state, it's difficult to play competitively. Eventually we will probably get these features, but we need to focus on 2009 right now.

Regardless, we know that Quake 3 is the best we can get right now. The main reason people DON'T want to go back to Quake 3 is because it's the same game and maps we've been playing since it's release 8 years ago. Of course we want to do something new and fresh. But, the only thing we have that qualifies for that right now is Quake Live...

Quake Live maps are the same as Quake 3 ones, plus some new ones developed by ID. Of course I'm not saying Quake Live is terrible because it doesn't have some maps like Hub and ZTN, but that is one of the problem. Community made maps are accepted by the community, and in some cases, used a lot. The reason ID can't use these maps are obviously copyright reasons, and I'm not holding it against them.

My main issue is this. We have two options right now. Either we keep playing the same maps we've been playing in Quake Live, and wait for more needed features to be released, or we continue to play Quake 3, BUT, we play different maps.

We're all tired of DM6, DM9, Hub, and so on.

I've found a few duel maps that I thought were pretty good. Maybe a NEW game isn't what we need to have fun again. Maybe it's just a few new maps in the game we already love. Below are a few I found that I liked.




ESWC will be making its decision somewhat soon about what game we use, and the maps.

Do we make a push for new maps, and make it fresh? Do we keep playing the same maps since 2000? Do we move to Quake Live and support that? Or wait until it's 100% ready?

Personally, I rather see some new maps in the mix, make it feel new, and learn new strategies and watch what could be amazing games.