When deciding what the next TourneyCPM tournament was going to be, CTF was at the top of the list. But since the CTF teams still need some time to rally up, we decided to run a 1v1 tournament meanwhile. And the sign-ups are already open to both North Americans and Europeans players. This will be a DMM4 Tournament in preparation for the CTF tournament in January.

The maplist is not final and suggestions can be made on IRC @ #tourneycpm.

We want to open 2009 with a big 4v4 CPM CTF tournament, held in the name of all the people who started and evolved the CPM CTF community. This tournament will be held in North America and Europe simultaneously but separately. If you would like to admin this tournament for your respective continent, or if you can help us finding sponsors for prizes: message me on ESR or on IRC #tourneycpm. The sign-ups date will be announced in the future.

TourneyCPM '08 DMM4 1v1 (Rules, Maps & Details) - TourneyCPM '09 Opener 4v4 CTF (Rules, Maps & Details)