Daniel "Elchtest" Pohl from Intel who works on a Ray Tracing grafic engine for computergames, is presenting his new homepage about QUAKE Wars Ray Traced.

As a id-Software fan and developer of Quake 3: Ray Traced and Quake 4: Ray Traced it wasn't hard to foresee a QUAKE Wars Ray Traced.

His page includes, beside new screenshots, a video which shows QUAKE Wars with a Ray Traced engine. It´s available in 3 different video resolutions.
These small demonstration video was first presented on the Research Intel Day. You were already able to download the high resolution video since august.

Video download
About the video

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Introductive articel by Daniel about Ray Tracing and Gaming

The first part of these video shows scenes of Quake 3, Quake 4, and QUAKE Wars. Recorded at Daniel's presentation on the Game Developers Conference Feb. '08

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