Last weekend we saw some great action in the DeathMatch Radio cpm cups. On Saturday, walter won versus lsv taking the first two maps in the North American DmR finals. In the European cup taking place on Sunday, Hal9000 came in first, Lugia coming behind as a close second losing to Hal9000 on the tiebreaker map. The brackets for the NA cup can be found here; the Euro cup here. (Make sure you're viewing season 1 before you click the brackets tab)

I'd like to thank everybody who participated and made these cups possible. During the European cup on Sunday we reached 144 idlers in #DmRadio, and had over 100 Viewers watching the stream! These are fantastic figures to see from our first cpm cups; we definitely did not expect such a reception.
If you missed the cup, we have all our shoutcasts up on VODs on our Ustream site . This is only a temporary site that we're using until our actual website is fully up. Quality will be better once the DmR site is up. Also, demos from the finals have been uploaded (see at bottom of post), but aren't MVD's. We'll try to get MVD's from now on.

Sign ups for next weeks cup are open! We will be shoutcasting again and giving some great coverage that deathmatch games deserve. Join us and show your support in our irc channel : #DmRadio on

North American DmR Cup site
European DmR Cup site
DeathMatch Radio VODs
North American Finals demos
European Finals demos