This is not your ordinary riddle series, no no no, it is a journey into your mind! Let mystery commence. *opens the big old curtains*

Question No. 1: Who killed Sherlock Holmes (last name only)?

Question No. 2: If black : white = x : chaos, then x = ???

Question No. 3. You are in a pitch black room. Someone switches on a LED. What do you see?

Question 4: Let x be the smallest integer that cannot be described by less than sixteen words. x = ???

Question 5: You are at a road that splits into two roads. One road leads to hell, one to heaven. At each there is a person, one will always tell the truth, one will always lie when asked. They only answer with "Bling" and "Blang", one meaning "Yes", one meaning "No", but you don't know which means "Yes" and which means "No". You are allowed exactly one question to only one person to determine the destination of the two roads. What will it be?

---Questions have been answered up to here---

Question 6: A business woman will have five appointments. Although she sets her watch correctly that morning, synchronizing with the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado, to her dismal, she finds she is late for every meeting. Her watch and those of her business partners work properly. What's going on?

Question 7: A random selection of 100 people stand in a 10x10 matrix. Who's taller, the shortest of the tallest people of each row, or the tallest of the shortest people of each column?

Question 8: A constant wind is blowing from point A to point B. A plane with constant power flies from A to B and back to A. Compared to the situation if no wind at all would be blowing, this trip takes

a) longer?
b) not as long?
c) the same time?

(Assume that the velocity of the plane without wind is greater than the velocity of the wind, so the plane reaches its destination travelling against the wind.)