The loss of privacy is one of those issues you generally sort of complain about but don't really care but recently I had an experience that really pissed me off about the loss of privacy. You'd think that after medical records banking should be something that's private, between you and your bank. I can understand why your credit rating is public so a company can sell items and services to you safely but beyond that why would any information about you need to be public?

I opened a new account with my bank, I can spread my banking details on the internets because apparently the whole damn world already knows, a few days later I get a cold call from a financial services company totally unrelated to my bank which opens with 'Hi, we notice you've been doing blah blah blah, can we interest you in our financial services?' So with some kind of BS hidden small print text my bank has sold my personal details, exact information about banking transactions and my mobile number to another company. Good one... the banks need to be put in order by the regulators, this is not acceptable.