I've been pulling my hair out for a few weeks trying to remember the name of this guy, he was similar in weight to that of "Clamp" from Q4 fame, except he played cpm much worse than anyone else... Stuff like doing ix impressions and swearing like "fucking tosser" during important games. Here's everything I remember about that fat guy to try and jog some memories:

- his dad owned a sweet shop but the sweet shop went bust cos this guy ate all his dad's stock

- he's currently unemployed

- he had a tube up his penis for 2 weeks

Does anybody have any idea what the name of this guy? Or any other information you can remember about him? Extra points if you can guess his weight

Pretty sure he was fat (or really fat) for that I can be certain. It was a UK guy of course.

Thanks for any help.

I will plus the tits off anyone who gives me the correct answer (and can confirm it)