I saw 'wild hogs' last night and i realized why going to the cinema sucks. Wild hogs is a funny movie, great actors and some funny jokes, not some movie i'd put on my top5 but still it is good fun.

the bad part about going to the cinema is the pauses, like in between the ads before the movie and the movie itself its a 30 sec break with no sound or picture what so ever, and if you are in an audience with people younger than 20 or so someone will surely have the urgent need to say something or make a sound that others will find funny... this creates alot of irritation on me at least... the part when someone just -has- to say something and not just sit back and relax and wait for the movie to start..

however, you can't stop the human error so the people who work at the cinema has to prevent this with having no sound/picture breaks.. at least some music or something if the projector beam is warming up or whatever its doing, i mean come on, it cant be that hard to entertain people for 30 seconds :)

</rant> </rage>