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Rating: 5.1 (105 votes)
This movie is not about frags, don't download it for that reason. The movie is all about editing, it's for people who notice the 'small details' like audio/video synchronizations, some custom effects, transitions, flow and variety.

The concept was to make an enjoyable video built on a Japanese anime song with an insane amount of syncs; for example everytime a weapon goes off, every hit, every beat matching the player's movement following the flow of the music etc.

So here is the work of 9 months; more than one type of audio-video synchronization, 519 syncs in 5,15 minutes which is the actual movie runtime (thats 100 syncs per minute on average). 21 maps, varying config, and maybe a few eye candies ;)

Turn off the lights, pump up the volume and have fun