Former CPM/VQ3 star Alejandro Venezuela "Elpajuo" Gonzalez has gone missing in France. The news came to the attention of the gaming community after a forum post by Brazilian quaker Brazil Reef. Reef made the post after receiving an email from Elpajuo's mother reading:
"It's Alejandro's mother. Alejandro got a scholarship in France and he is there. I haven't comunicated with him for 14 days. If someone hears from him can you please email me a message"

Alejandro is still missing 7 days after the forum post mentioned above, and according to his family it is very unlike him to stay out of contact for so long. Could anyone with any information regarding Elpajuos whereabouts or state of health please send it directly to Elpajuos mother who's adress can be found in this forum post, to help put his family's collective mind at ease.

Email from Elpajuo's mother:
Alejandro called yesterday, i know he is alrighht, he is in France, but i don't have all details, he is going to call me on sunday and tell me.... thank god we know he is alive....

thanks for all your attention