For me it's a lot faster and feels generally nicer, but the aspect ratios still seem out to me. It seems to be stretched in the verticle compared to all the other games i play but when you boost it up to fov 120 it looks fine and feels very very fast, more so than Q3 i would say. The qw map remake retro something or other is really a very very poor job imo. I've played a bit of quakeworld but not a lot and the scale from what i remember just seems to be totally out, i don't think this map is playable without the 100% aircontrol anyway but add the Q4 clunkyness and it just feels wrong.
Not a bad job though, as mentioned somewhere else the napalm gun is something like the 2ndary fire on the flak in UT so it has a place in competative play, the nail i can see being used a lot more along with the hyper, the changes to those weapons really increase the variety of situations to use them in. I just wonder if the rail will continue to be dominant after people have gotten used to it.