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Whats the current lowest latency monitor?
Posted @ 06:08 GMT 9 Oct 2021
Looking to replace my vg248qe, what's the current options on the market for the
Re: What are you playing right now?
Posted @ 09:38 GMT 2 Feb 2021
Re: What's the current consensus on the
Posted @ 18:09 GMT 1 Feb 2021
I've always felt that for a game like quake or another ego shooter to take off i
Re: What's the current consensus on the
Posted @ 18:04 GMT 1 Feb 2021
these are p. good suggestions. Especially linux. Also need an option to force
Re: What went wrong?
Posted @ 15:35 GMT 1 Feb 2021
I recall them altering the hitbox from a square/rectangle to a cylinder type dea
What went wrong?
Posted @ 14:19 GMT 1 Feb 2021
So I'm trying to recall what shitcanned q4 so hard at release, and QC seems to h
How do you overclock wmo 1.1a on linux?
Posted @ 20:40 GMT 20 Jan 2021
im curious to try out 8000hz on a wmo 1.1a, how can i do this in linux such as d
Re: Doom3 multiplayer - officially death
Posted @ 04:33 GMT 10 Jan 2021
I used to play doom 3 MP back in the day, it was pretty interesting. What I alwa
Re: Is this decent now?
Posted @ 23:43 GMT 3 May 2020
lol did rapha really say shootmania was good?? most people dont have so much
Re: Quakecon goes Quakecoff du to the Co
Posted @ 23:42 GMT 3 May 2020
valorant is some chinese spyware CS rip off twitch zoomzoom bullshit im good man
Have they ever publically addressed netcode/engine..?
Posted @ 00:47 GMT 25 Apr 2020
I reinstalled for the first time in 3 years and the rockets are still some weird
Re: Quakecon goes Quakecoff du to the Co
Posted @ 10:18 GMT 20 Apr 2020
does anyone even play quake at quakecon...??
Re: W3 Reforged = lowest rating in Metac
Posted @ 08:01 GMT 21 Feb 2020
lol WOOOW.... I wouldve told them give me a couple hundred thousand at least.
Re: Rage 100% Completion and Trophy Guid
Posted @ 10:56 GMT 21 Feb 2019
I'll get right on that and report back to you.
Re: Quake games - which ones are still a
Posted @ 13:06 GMT 22 Nov 2018
steam release is just for if you want a CD key as well as a way to log your hou
Re: Best SSD for Gaming.
Posted @ 10:57 GMT 1 May 2018
is that speed even utilized often when games are loading? does that help with po
Re: Any mouse modders in here?
Posted @ 03:30 GMT 28 Apr 2018
Bump. Still looking to see if anyone could do some omrons for my two wmos
Re: older single-player games suggestion
Posted @ 11:14 GMT 19 Apr 2018
SiN, Kingpin,
Re: Community Livestream Summary for Mar
Posted @ 05:56 GMT 30 Mar 2018
Yeah, a quake wars sequel with splash damage... sounds a lot better than saber..
this game is dead right?
Posted @ 10:30 GMT 28 Mar 2018
just makin sure
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