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Warcraft 3 and Enemy Territory Shoutcaster for iTG
Co-leader of Greedy Little Bastards
Member of Alliance of Pain

A combination of Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer in one person, sir WaCK of SteVeN has visited the motherland of many korean people: KOREA!

The World Cyber Games, and many an online event have been covered, and he has actually seen djWHEAT without a shirt on! (talking in the 3rd person is fun.)

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Re: This is what drink does
Posted @ 15:44 GMT 16 Jan 2006
That's actually stu's real height. All the pictures of him towering over everyo
Re: Do I have something on my head?
Posted @ 17:54 GMT 2 Jan 2006
you're not fooling anyone. we can still tell you're british.
Re: Terrorists?!
Posted @ 14:53 GMT 20 Dec 2005
i think that's the new tier 2 armorset in WoW
Re: Carmac and Claire
Posted @ 14:51 GMT 20 Dec 2005
might as well have grabbed one of her boobs in that one, carmac :P
Re: A Decision to Quit Smoking - PART 2
Posted @ 06:15 GMT 5 Mar 2004
yeah, just smoke crack. JACK AND CRACK FOREVER!
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