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The MiMiC

I look into the mirror,
a stranger stares back at me,
my own haunting face..

I am unique creation of God,
And yet I am also many.
My real identity,
is lost in a fog of false pretences,
but why?

I take the qualitys of others for my own,
my past self forgotten.

I copy the ways of others.
For in this society,
someone unique,
someone special,
is feared and reviled.

I am not of these people copied,
these people who fear and hate,
who hold the qualities I will not take on,
but of another.

I am of the outcasts,
yet I am alone even there.

Others are cast away by the fearful,
my true self, I am myself forced to cast away,
For that person is not accepted.

So I must be alone,
even to my self.

That is the eternal fate...
of the MiMiC.

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Re: Post a screenshot of your config 201
Posted @ 11:46 GMT 10 Feb 2015
You config is awesome, i tried to tweak it like you but i run into two problems:
Re: meet the legend: Magnus "fox" Olsson
Posted @ 21:40 GMT 2 Jan 2009
haha that picture :P i actually took the effort to log to give you the [+]!!
UT3 free online
Posted @ 16:57 GMT 12 Jul 2008
Oye, Does anyone know if its possible to play UT3 online illegal? Cheers,
Re: Challenge Computers crew posing
Posted @ 21:11 GMT 24 May 2005
Whats carmac doing there? ;D
Re: [R]etaliation
Posted @ 06:28 GMT 14 Jun 2004
someone should really load it up to badct ... (k) this is so not working here
Re: el_put0 -vs- lauke
Posted @ 18:12 GMT 5 Oct 2003
damn nice
Re: 100,000 bottles of beer on the wall.
Posted @ 12:39 GMT 5 Sep 2003
98,856 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around 98,855 bottles of beer
Re: TechTV QuakeCon Coverage Video
Posted @ 15:40 GMT 2 Sep 2003
I would come to Dallas just to feel her =)
Re: GitzZz -vs- steka
Posted @ 07:11 GMT 28 Jul 2003
this is a challenge gitz =)
Re: The Art of Tricking Movie
Posted @ 10:30 GMT 22 Jul 2003
Outstanding =) Btw nice layout as well =)
Re: The Art of Tricking Movie
Posted @ 21:49 GMT 21 Jul 2003
It only takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to download =)
Re: UT stars: Gitzzz
Posted @ 14:49 GMT 17 Jul 2003
~~~ love is in teh air! ~~~ tralallalalala! :P
Re: [aT]pMcc -vs- tgs.xtR0X
Posted @ 15:08 GMT 20 May 2003
A critical error .. ¬_¬
Re: 100,000 bottles of beer on the wall.
Posted @ 10:49 GMT 9 Apr 2003
99,992 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, 99,991 bottles of beer
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