Just a quick update via the journal, Ive uploaded a further 3 videos from Quakecon.

1 is from the other day showing the weapons firing and some speed runs strafe jumps etc and towards the end, some neat nail gun jumping off walls.

The other two are some late footage I got today of Q4 CTF In action. They arent great quality wise, but at least its something to see.

You can grab the files below. Meanwhile ive also added some pics to the gallery and will finish that off tomorrow if i get a chance before my flight home.

Have fun, red.

CTF Q4 1 : http://www.filecloud.com/files/file.php?user_file_id=43194
CTF Q4 2 : http://www.filecloud.com/files/file.php?user_file_id=43197
Q4 movement and nail gun jumps : http://www.filecloud.com/files/file.php?user_file_id=43199 (thnx to Citizen for being the Q4 player :))