Diabzau couldn't have really said it better, Extremely unfortunate about the internet access issues we suffered through-out the LAN. There was some technical miss-communication on instances where the LAN network admins had to take preventative measures to save on quota and speed which resulted in tactics such as blocking HTTP and other services we needed.

Congratulations to Dan, Pete, Tim and Fraze for coming through in the top 4. Cash prizes have already been paid out at the event. As this was the first LAN Quakelive event in Australia hiccups were to be expected, however nobody could have anticipated the extent to which problems were going to be encountered. However, lessons have been learnt; if there is next event it will feature a dedicated internet connection and network for the LAN box + competition PCs rather then competing with a more quake-only focused environment.

We apologise for the spectating disappointment caused due to issues that were beyond our control. We took demos, videos and photos for the event linked below. We also now realise how much organisation actually has to go into one of these events and it will be reflected at the next one

Links: Demos, Photos, Videos