Division 2

Clan: Europe White Ivory
Team leader: Sweden funnyb

viaIImaximus: Hello! Yesterday you played a Round 1 match and lost to nubz. How do you feel about that loss?
funnyb: Bad. Duh. :p with only the slightest of offence to nubz we did expect to win, especially after picking up the first map. But asylum did not go our way, and in my personal opinion(hindsight 20/20 no need to tell me), we shouldn't have picked map9 for deciding map. But it's coo, just a loss, we'll bounce back. First time ever we play together, so wouldn't expect too much.

viaIImaximus: How satisfied are you with you team's play? Did anyone on the team underperform? Will you be working on improving your game for the next match?
funnyb: Yes hauer sucked donkey dick. No nobody underperformed except perhaps myself on the last map, we might put in a few hours to see what can we can achieve before our next game, nothing is set in stone.
Also kinda harsh question, even if someone did underperform I wouldn't throw them under the bus :p but no, everyone did fine imo.

viaIImaximus: Your next opponent is the Italian Death Squad. What do you expect from this match?
funnyb: Our first victory. We aren't the natural born scrubs people seem to think we are according to ESR, if we get some more shape in and get some more experience playing together we'll be coo.

viaIImaximus: Thank you and good luck in the tournament!

Clan: Denmark nubz
Team leader: Denmark Chunkie

viaIImaximus: Hello! Congratulations on winning your Round 1 match! How do you feel about your win?
Chunkie: Thanks. And I feel pretty good, although it was really close.

viaIImaximus: How satisfied are you with your team's play? Did anyone surpass your expectations? Are any improvements necessary?
Chunkie: I am pretty satisfied with the performance of my team, despite managers forgetting we had to play and thus got a bit drunk. As for surpassing expectations I don't think anyone really did, but I know my team pretty well. Improvements? That is always something to strive for.

viaIImaximus: Your next opponent is Loaded/Gunz. What do you expect from this match?
Chunkie: I think it really depends on their lineup. If they field their best team i dont think we can win, but we will of course try our best. However if they field something other than their best then i think we have a good shot at winning, although i would consider them favourites overall.

viaIImaximus: Thank you very much Chunkie ! And good luck in your next match.
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