So, where have you been all this time?
Russia mikes: Well itís all been around working, family, education and mmoís. For last 2 years Iím actively playing Darkfall online, and finding it as one of the greatest mmoís created ever.

What is your opinion on the current state of QuakeLive?
Russia mikes: Movement is fine, though I would add some Defrag gametype for premium / pro users with ranking tables. It would help explore and perfectly learn to use all of opportunities quake physics have, as well as add some additional competitive base. Current weapons damage is fine I guess, problem is with hitboxes or netcode, anyway it has been done to make game more popular and attractive for masses, as online game should be, but in TDM it has killed many aspects which I really liked.

What do you think of the new TDM maps in the DreamHack map list?
Russia mikes: We didnít play Purgatory much, but I think this map is good. Dreadfull Place is ok, but for me it is worse then oldschool ones. DM20 is small and stupid one, though considering current trend with CPM style in QL, it just suits this game well.

Are there maps you think should be included that haven't? If so which maps and why? Do you think some should be removed from the current map list?
Russia mikes: I really liked pro-q3dm6 and dm7 in OSP, but with current game style and balance Iím not sure that it would be good. Anyway I even donít have experience playing it 4x4 in QL against strong teams. No, I like all the maps in the map list.

How have you found your comeback to Quake? Comfortable?
Russia mikes: Not really, game feels faster, pretty much more aim based then before. Speaking about TDM, tactics is still very important, but it became much more simple then before, playing defensive doesnít make enough sense. Balance on some maps, like CPM4 is totally ruined. For me, they took too much from CPM mode, and I really don't like it, game just doesn't feel as good as before for me. Maybe itís because of me lacking practice in QL.

What do you think of the current scene compared to the Q3 days?
Russia mikes: I really didnít follow quake scene since I stopped, just checked some Coollerís results from time to time J But back in two thousand we had very strong community in Russia in all parts of competitive gaming, not just quake. But since internet connections became available for almost everyone here, this community died, and no new was born, this actually clearly explains results of Russia in e-sports nowadays. (Sure there is always some exceptions for a rule, and some people is still doing great, driving on old baggage though :P) Though itís really great to see LAN TDM tournament after those years, with such names attending. This is only reason why Iím back to the game.

How have your preparations been in the build up to DreamHack?
Russia mikes: We had a big problem gathering up online all together during last months due to different RL reasons of all members of a team. So as for me, I have been practicing most of time just playing solo or with pickup groups just to increase my aim. Also after analyzing most the flaws of current team I decided to ask Noise (who is former 4z and forZe manager and coach) to help us in preparations for DreamHack tournament. Lucky for us he kindly agreed, and it really helped us to improve lately. There is still many flaws though, but we are still working on it, and I hope at tournament we would be in our best possible shape.

Tell us about the players on your team and their roles.
Russia mikes: Cooller and Jibo is world known duel players, whose however have quite big TDM experience. Evil is less known abroad, but he is also been one of the best duelers in Russia and still counts as one of them now, he didnít have any close experience as all of us in TDM, but still he is learning very fast and now he is a very important player which well fits in a team.
Iím really not ready to tell roles other then myself in game, at least for now. As for some overall formal team jobs, Noise is responsible for correcting and fixing our teamwork mostly, making reviews and comments for our games, finding our weakest spots and rough mistakes. Cooller is a team captain. And for my role in game - due to lack of aim, Iím trying to play pretty much defensive and control most important zones of map.

What are your thoughts of your group?
Russia mikes: As a team, we always set highest goals for ourselves, so I really donít think that we will have serious problems with completing group stage. However, there are hardly any weak teams presented on this tournament, so each game could be very intense and close in a score.

Who do you think are your biggest competitors at DreamHack? Where do you hope to finish? Top 3 predictions?
Russia mikes: As for biggest competitors, taking in a mind our online practices, and considering previous TDM experience of players in those teams I would rate it that way: 1. Reason, 2. SRS, 3. Colwn. Though there is at least four more teams which have a potential to finish in top 3, LAN can change things from up to down for many players which used to play just from home, without any noticable LAN experience. As for ourselves Ė as I told we are setting only highest goals for ourselves. If we fix some issues with our teamwork, goals can become true.

You've been playing quite a bit of 1v1; any plans to enter the zotac/jeesport cups?
Russia mikes: I never liked 1v1 in quake, itís not my gametype and itís just boring for me. I used to get much more fun, pleasure from a teamwork and intense action in TDM. Only thing why Iím playing 1v1 now Ė itís good for increasing your aim, thing which Iím working on for most now.

Good luck at DreamHack & thanks for the interview; any shoutouts?
Russia mikes: There no any shoutouts, but I want to personally thank Hip for helping me improving my game, and sure Noise for coming to help us on first call.
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