How much practice have you been putting in for the 1v1 cup?
France strenx: I would say those last day I did a break of 2/3 days because I needed it, and from now I don't train duel so much, a little with spartie though. Maybe it's because everybody is focusing on TDM. But anyways I try to train as much as I can.

What are your thoughts on Hektik & Toxicity?
France strenx: I think since the new spawns were made, Hektik became a nice map and I started to enjoy it. About toxicity, it's a great idea to have put a new map, and I really attend to make some good things on that map.

Do you think it's a good thing that ZTN has been removed?
France strenx: ztn is an old map, so it has to be removed anyways. So yes, I think it's a good idea, every player has to focus more on maps that has never been played before, so people without so much experience can make it, especially on new maps.

Do you think you can take your first LAN win in 1v1 this time?
France strenx: Yes of course I can take it, and I will do my best for it, top 1 is my goal, no matter what.

What's the drama between with winz & linkje about?
France strenx: I've nothing with linkin, we are friends, nothing wrong with it, and about winz, my entire hate is cause of past, but it's too long to explain.

How have your preparations been in the build up to DreamHack?
Denmark Juvenile: Nothing over the top just playing alot trying to get as much practice in as possible

Tell us about the players on your team and their roles.
Denmark Juvenile: We just try and play as dynamic as possible, adapting to the situations as they play out in the game.

How have you had to adapt your play style to accomodate strenx into your team?
Serbia zeroql: he needs to learn more! ;D
Denmark Juvenile: didnt take to much effort the guy hits everything badabimbadabum

What do you think of the new TDM maps in the DreamHack map list?
Denmark Juvenile: couldnt have asked for a better mappool. some players have more experience then us on older maps so new maps fits us good.
Serbia zeroql: yes i agree with juvi babeeeh :D i think they are awsome! ;D we can ninja them easy ;)
France strenx: I think the same

Are there maps you think should be included that haven't? If so which maps and why? Do you think some should be removed from the current map list?
France strenx: nah, the actual map pool is pretty nice
Serbia zeroql: leviathan! :D we never lost that map
Denmark Juvenile: dm6!
Serbia zeroql: oh ya dm6!!! bring back dm6!
France strenx: well ye dm6 was one of my best map in tdm

Are you feeling confident about performing well on your first big LAN tournament as a team?
Serbia zeroql: yes! i played in alot of lans back in q3 days so i am confident
Denmark Juvenile: well with no lan experience for ql on my part its gonna be interesting.
France strenx: im always confident, and i have a lot of xp in lan

What do you think about your group? Who do you think will go through to the playoffs?
Serbia zeroql: yes, i think it easy group. METSU, Team Alpha; 4 Kings, xentorium; Serious Gaming, coman; Reason Gaming &
Denmark Juvenile: colwn, srs, 4k, reason, us, xt.
France strenx: alpha and action
Denmark Juvenile: ye alpha also...ah ye the russians as well

Where do you expect to finish? Top 3 predictions?
Denmark Juvenile: so hard to say really all teams got potential so cant say
Serbia zeroql: yea everybody can win whole thing but we will be happy with top3. Top 3 predictions - reason 4kings us .... but really depends on single elimination brackets in play off

FFA can win?
France strenx: no but I have big chance to win the FFA :DDD

Why did you choose the name METSU (Japanese) rather than mič (Chinese)?
Serbia zeroql: ask prozac he named us...he is godfather of our team ^^

Marks out of 10?
France strenx: really, asiatic girls are not cute at all...ok i rate 0
Serbia zeroql: strenx doesn't like asian girls or even blondes! i like asian girls so 10, :D music 0 :D so lets say 5 for mid
Denmark Juvenile: i plead the fifth

Good luck at DreamHack & thanks for the interview; any shoutouts?
Serbia zeroql: shoutouts to lvlup for streaming our games! mccormic! snake and pac! and very special shoutout to 2GD <3
Denmark Juvenile: See ya at Dreamhack
France strenx: Cu on lan.
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