<img src="http://i48.tinypic.com/1znlxn5.jpg" align="right"><b>Firstly, thank you for agreeing to do this interview...hopefully the hundreds of Cooller fans on ESReality will be pleased; do you read the site much?</b>
Russia <b>Cooller:</b> Oh yes, ESR is my favourite site I like to read news on. And itís the only one of international site I use.

<b>You're one of the best known players, not only in Quake but FPS games in general. What is it that made you play Quake 3 rather than say UT99?</b>
When I started to play quake3, it was a main popular game in the world. Also quake made me as a player in past. The first net-game was a quake2 for me.

<b>At the KODE5 2006 event you were disqualified in the finals and removed from the tournament all together. What happened?</b>
I didnít know the final time correctly. I asked many admins about when should I come and all of them told me the different times. I think all organizers want to make a show and if one of the players is delayed, itís normal. But at KODE5 they just wanted to complete the tournament and it doesn't matter who is playing it final for them I guess. And the stupid thing is disqualification, give my prize and place to another "German" guy. This tournament has been played in Germany and my place has been given to German player as you know. It made a sense I think.

<b>Quake 4 was largely dominated by Toxic, do you feel that you didn't put in enough effort to compete properly vs him or was the game just better suited to his style?</b>
There are many reasons I can say. Motivation, game's style, my age and stuff, but main is that Toxic is a great player. To be the best you must put all your time for it and work on many things in the game. But after 5 years playing professionally I just have been too tired to spend all my time on it.

<b>Was this the same problem in 2008 in Quake 3? </b>
It wasnít a problem for me, just game has been changed by this VQ3 mode. LG becomes main weapon, the dynamic is more faster. That made a new game I have to learn again.

<img src="http://i46.tinypic.com/295bn87.jpg" align="left" width="40%" height="40%" padding="20px"><b>Looking back over your career so far which has been your most enjoyable win, most disappointing defeat and your favourite tournament overall? </b>
Of course WCG 2002. I was very disappointed after my loss because it was my first international quake trip. But this tournament learned me a lot and I can say it made my career. ESWC is my favourite tournaments series. I respect the team of the company and they always sent prizes in time for me. It's an important factor for me as a player.

<b>What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?</b>
My experience and talent are my strengths at the moment. And railgun is a weakness :).

<b>You're known to have a strange hardware setup...how did you start using it and why do you decide to stick with it?</b>
I was trying to find best position in the past. Some Russian best players used it and I just copied and understood that itís a more comfortable for me.

<b>Of the many countries you've visited which have you enjoyed the most and what was so special about it? </b>
I really like all European countries. All of them have something personal and interesting. I've been only once in Switzerland and miss it. Also America is amazing. Itís like another world.

<b>In general which do you prefer, local ASUS cups or international tournaments?</b>
Asus cups are like home cups for me because of the way. And thatís why I like it. I just have to use my car and Iím already arrived there. And I feel more comfortable, just enjoy the game and time spending with friends. Doesn't matter if I win or lose it. After that many years of travelling every player can say "I'm tired of planes, taxies buses and hotels" :). But international tournament is a big competition after which players become world winners and stars.

<b>Recent years have seen the closure of many big organisations such as CPL, ESWC and to a lesser extent WSVG; what are your thoughts on the failure of these companies? What about the WCG's attempt to distance itself from games such as Quake and UT?</b>
Money is an answer. CPL make big tournaments for the advertising and other marketing stuff and we (players) can do nothing to it. Of course all of the big companies lost big money with that crisis and have to wait. I wonít say anything bad about ESWC, WSVG and CPL despite i didnít get some prizes. I just hope they will return and keep making good competitions. WCG with quake tournaments is my dream. Everyone wants to see quake at WCG I guess.

<b>How are you finding QuakeLive compared to previous Quakes? Do you like the recent changes made? How would you change it?</b>
QuakeLive is like a new wave for me. I like that many ppl is starting to play and it makes a good population. As a game itís like a quake3 for me with some changes. Weapon damage and game's balance is ok for me.

<img src="http://i49.tinypic.com/aer6n5.jpg" align="right" width="240" height="360"><b>What about the 10 minute map, are you a fan of it?</b>
Sometimes I like it sometimes I donít. Actually I think 10 minutes is not enough. It makes a beginning of match very important. But on some maps u can spawn at bad place and all main items arenít yours.

<b>What are your thoughts on the current maps being used and the exclusion of t4? Are new maps needed or do you like the current ones?</b>
I don't like to learn new maps. So current map list is fine for me. And I don't care about t4. [Removing] It doesn't make any sense for me. I don't have problems with my playing on this map. I think I can play perfectly on it.

<b>You've played in quite a few of the ZOTAC cups since it has begun what do you think about the format? Have you seen any unknowns that have impressed you in it? </b>
The system is very nice. Before 1\4 finals I have to play medium opponents and 1 map is enough to eliminate them.

<b>In ZOTAC #10 you won in the finals vs Cypher where he got quite annoyed. What do you think about his current level of play?</b>
He has the same situation as me in his age. Many important things are coming to his life and he doesnít have a chance to focus only on quake. Also the skill of all players is very high at the moment. His level is top but I canít say he is a best one right now. Cypher is a very emotional boy btw :).

<b>You lost vs Avek at Dreamhack this year but did not play like your usual self. What do you think is the reason for you losing this match? </b>
Alltimes we try to find reasons. Let me say the luck was on his side this day.

<b>ESL are currently running the largest QuakeLive tournament around of which you've qualified for the finals. What are your expectations from this tournament? First place?</b>
Depends on how I will be prepared for it and my nervous system. Of course I will try to do my best and now I have a plan for top6.

<b>What kind of preparation are you putting into QuakeLive? What is an average day like for Cooller?</b>
Breakfast ---> some poker ----> gym ----> lunch ---> some fun like movie \ friends \ online games \ soccer --->dinner---> quake quake quake ---> sleep.

<b>Do you prepare differently when a big tournament is close? </b>
Yes I play hard before 1-2 weeks before the tournament. I try to put all my focus on quake.

<b>Rapha has proved to be the #1 player in QuakeLive currently; what do you think it is about his play style that makes him do so well?</b>
He has interesting playing style. Very slow and accurate. He feels very comfortable on all maps and controls his emotions.

<b>In a previous interview you said that you think you should start a family when you're 24...can we expect a mini-Cooller in the near future?</b>
I changed my view to that question. I think I need some time more before I will spend all my time on my boy.

<b>Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Any shoutouts?</b>
You're welcome, I hope ppl will have enjoyed while reading. I would like to say a big thanks to my team and all who knows me. Thank you for that interesting questions. I wish happy new year and merry christmas to everyone. This tiger year will bring much good for us.
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