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Dieudonné (319 comments)
Posted by dem0n @ 14:20 CST, 9 January 2014 - iMsg
Today, the french government won (or did they shoot themselves in the foot ?) a big battle against french humorist Dieudonné. For the first time ever in the country of human rights, a humoristic show for which 5,600 people have bought their tickets has been cancelled together with a force of 20 anti-riot vehicles.

This is a thread about freedom of speech and censorship.

Some articles that will surely help those who have no idea what the whole Dieudonné fuss is about:

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A Duel Guide for CA Players (148 comments)
Posted by Memento_Mori @ 10:21 CST, 2 January 2014 - iMsg
This Quake Live guide targets primarily Clan Arena players who are or may be interested in playing Duel. I'm writing it as I've been seeing more and more players willing to start playing duel, but having troubles with the initial steps. As most come from CA, I felt like making a guide like this, with the hope it will prove useful to some players.

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Q3 IBSP 44 TO IBSP43 Q3IHV HELP (3 comments)
Posted by RealityJames @ 17:30 CST, 1 January 2014 - iMsg

I was interested in making a making a conversion of Q3TEST 1.03 or Q3TEST 1.05 IBSP 44 to Quake III IHV IBSP 43

Right after changeing the IBSP version with a Hex Editor
i get this
ERROR: MOD_LoadBmodel: funny lump size

i did found this bsp that is a conversion from Q3TEST 1.03 as Q3TEST1 and it was named conv.bsp and they have diffrent sizes must be a conversion or something idk

Q3TEST1 - 5.05mb
CONV - 5.47mb

I wonder if somebody could reverse engineer the IHV Bsp Format and write a Converter like Q2toQ3IHV or Q3Test2Q3IHV if it was possible

If you want the conv.bsp and Quake III IHV build
contact me

Best Regards
- xBRYAN2000x
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doom 4 qcon 2014 (11 comments)
Posted by 05/08/1945 @ 20:52 CST, 25 December 2013 - iMsg
i wonder if rage engine would be capable to deliver good multiplayer, not going all hardcore, but doom to me is the last hope to see anything new in games that really make me feel something new.
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DHW'13 Group A Preview (80 comments)
Posted by twister @ 21:54 CST, 22 November 2013 - iMsg
Thanks to the assistance of Poland Super Koziol and his sublime graphical skills I'm happy to present you a preview of the first DreamHack group. This first part of what is supposed to be a 4-part (but will probably end up being a 2-part) series gives a short introduction of the players and critically discusses their chances in the tournament.

I hope you enjoy reading and please don't take the graphics too seriously.
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DHW'13 Group Overview (163 comments)
Posted by FFT @ 09:48 CST, 21 November 2013 - iMsg
Since the announcement of the seeds and the groups there has a been a lot of drama and excitement. I share a great deal of this excitement and spent some time looking at the groups and pondering what they will bring. It would have been an amazing tourney regardless but with the extra prize pool gathered by the community it might bring out some more hidden resources of players and even a more fierce competition.

If you read all this I am in awe if not - TL;DR- HYPE HYPE HYPE
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DaHang pre-DreamHack 2013 interview (70 comments)
Posted by Demiurge @ 06:43 CST, 21 November 2013 - iMsg
As part of the pre-coverage to the Winter DreamHack 2013 Winter event, we are introducing an interview with one of the top contenders, United States of America Tim "DaHanG" Fogarty, conducted by QL dueler, United States of America Nuttybr0. The interview explains his excitement to play at DreamHack and his sponsorship with Point Gaming thanks to United States of America Jochs.
DreamHack Winter is coming up in less than 10 days, how do you feel going in?

DaHanG: I feel very good. I haven't played top tier players except rapha a few times but he's never that impressive until days before the events when it's crunch time and he gets back in shape. So it is hard to tell exactly where I'm at but I feel like I am in better shape than I was at QuakeCon earlier this year.
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What chess player Cypher would be? (31 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 13:27 CST, 12 November 2013 - iMsg
Rapha = Magnus Carlsen
God of Positional Play, could play his games with maximum concentration till the very end, maybe not the king of fights, but compensates it with fantastic positioning, champions attitude and therefore perfect execution in critical moments.

Evil = Garry Kasparov
God of War, probably the best fighter ever, has the most spectacular style, puts an enormous pressure on his opponents, they've even described the feeling of playing him as a Tsunami, constantly falling on their heads.

Cypher = Mikhail Tal
God of Unpredictable Moves, so talented that everything seems easy to him in game, has one of the most spectacular styles, best intuition, has nothing against drugs, i would put it that way.

Cooller = Vladimir Kramnilk
God of maneuvers and micro-advantages, the Professor of the game, could overplay anyone, but often fails to monetize on his advantage, dryed his game seriously, while moving from the attacking style to positional as the youth passes, the only one who has an edge with Kasparov-Evil. Feud with Strenx-Topalov.

Fox = Michael Adams
Bright mind, very inventive player, thinking out of the box.

Ash = Alexander Grishuk
Great technique, very strong with the initiative, but very non-pragmatic player, unstable, with champions mindset would have beaten absolutely everyone.

Guard = Hikaru Nakamura
God of no brain fierce attack, fuck yours strategic basics, fuck yours positioning, lets just fight, beatch.

Strenx = Veselin Topalov
The strengthened version of Guard, tries to play how position demands, but obviously dreams of no brain fights which lasts all the game till the very end, was even accused on cheating due to his god-like fighting skills. Feud with Cooller-Kramnik.

Czm = Paul Morphy
Fully unpredictable, obviously, one of the smartest players.

Demon = Nigel Short
Very strong fighter, in a good day could defeat everyone from elite, prefers solid "classical" play, maybe, even too solid, a little risk added in his style would made him more unpredictable for his opponents.

Tox = Tigran Petrosyan
God of Defence, unbelievable technique, prefers to win with counterattack, many believed he would achieve more if switched to more attacking style.

Dahang = Boris Spassky
Best all-round, "universal" player, incredible technique, fast flawless play, a little too good in everything to beat the very best players in something particular.

Agent = Gata Kamsky
One of the most skilled players, compensated the little lack of nature talent with thousands and thousands (and thousands) of games, squeezes his opponents to the death using micro-advantages.

Pavel = Sergey Karyakin
Great skills due to very hard work, tends to positional games, a little bit too "dry" player, always misses a tiny bit of something, seems not fully believes in himself.

Thresh = William Steinitz
The One who invented most of modern game basics, the first player with methodical approach to the game.
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QL 2.0, the Community has spoken (46 comments)
Posted by bolus major @ 11:31 CST, 3 November 2013 - iMsg
The twitch community *Kappa*

xannw: in QL 2.0 you cant jump and only use flash

pawulon_: ql will have spread on every weapon

beg1nner: When it lags this much, I just try to enjoy everyone that has funny QL 2.0 suggestions =)

icingonthecake: u can level up and get skill points which u can use in different talent trees in QL 2.0

fooljsh: ql aim down sights?

raevaroo: QL 2.0 is xbox exclusive

mythik00: ye iron sights, also diminishing returns on jumping plz

esgalduin: in QL 2.0 you have to collect rings and amulets on the map

xannw: QL 2.0 will not run under Windows XP

adobostreak: in ql 2.0 you need a full time job, a college degree, and have moved out of your parents house in order to play

easyspec: ql 2.0 has portal gun

mythik00: no more of this bunny hopping strafe jumping noboness

biscuit_powered: QL 2.0 will be played via facebook

soldatrlz: QL 2.0 is Warsow

fooljsh: ql 2.0 wont have force models and fov is locked at 85

dee_el: QL 2.0 locked at 30 frames per second

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be a using CoD Black Ops engine to attract a bigger playerbase

esgalduin: in QL 2.0 there will be cups played from smartphones

0192837465fallen: adobo you also need automobel to play ql2.0

ttasmmv: quake live 2.0 will be an iphone app

mythik00: not only not force models but they will be wearing camo so they are hard to see

xannw: QL 2.0 will be an android app

soldatrlz: QL 2.0 will have play by e-mail

16rindas: QL 2.0 will be black & white

pjanoman_of_4s: QL 2.0 will automatically cause your pc to blue screen of death if you insult cooller

esgalduin: in ql 2.0 it will be allowed for gays to participate

tez303: camo sucks, i dont want that *** in QL2

xannw: QL 2.0 will ask you to pay for 20 year old content

0perat0r: all the lolz on 2.0

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be released as a facebook game only. similar to farmville. playing with friends is fun

fooljsh: ql 2.0 will feature a return from captain price

bogotac_: QL 2.0 Has one big map like skyrim and all players are in that map doing quests

16rindas: QL 2.0 will make faceit streams lagg no matter what

handoncock: in ql2.0 bfg will be q2 like

q3newage: QL 2.0 will be with pandas

inkorp: QL2 pen and paper RPG

aydarkh: Leaked video QL 2.0!!!!!

xannw: in QL 2.0 all enemies are big pandas

dee_el: I want Doom Live

fooljsh: quake live 2.0 features popups to tell you when items come up

testostronk: introducing the dodgebutton for QL 2.0

esgalduin: ql 2.0 will be so tolleratne game that frags will be added in case you leave your opponent alive

ttasmmv: quake live 2.0 will have guest stars from halo, gears of war, cod, etc.

xannw: in QL 2.0 there are no excellents but double kills

fooljsh: ql 2.0 has health recovery

esgalduin: ql 2.0 will have headshots

easyspec: QL2.0 double dps and aim assist for consoles

bogotac_: ql 2.0 will have mana for lg

biscuit_powered: QL 2.0 will have Game/Gamestop pre-order exclusive weapons

ttasmmv: ql 2.0 will have realistic weapons. one mg bullet = death

pawulon_: No, this is the real QL2.0 footage:

fooljsh: ql 2.0 has ads featuring famous american actors so you know the gameplay is good

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will have an ingame auction house where u can buy, sell and bid on elo points.

0192837465fallen: QL 2.0 will feature 13 SECRET CHARACTERS

adobostreak: ql 2.0 will have shock rifle, shield gun, and flak cannon

tez303: Why not release Quake 5 instead of QL2? Weird decision by id software imo

handoncock: there will be a knif in ql2.0

hirezprojectile: ql 2.0: regenerating shields and exciting halo-speed combat

xannw: QL2.0 will feature a syncerror post telling us QL2.0 is comming soon

handoncock: a throwable one

fooljsh: ql 2.0 is 1-hit-kill pummel and 5m range

easyspec: ql2.0 noscope 360ies

bogotac_: in ql 2.0 u can have sex

biscuit_powered: QL 2.0 to have quick time events and scripted sequences

bogotac_: QL 2.0 will be open world game like wow

xannw: QL 2.0 will feature ztn

fooljsh: ql 2.0 features the ability to turn off pvp in case you are about to die

adobostreak: ql 2.0 will feature cards like hearthstone

rixtermanx: wtf is ql 2.0

hirezprojectile: ql 2.0: best played on xbox one controller

nalipotanka: and what QL 2.0 needs is completely new maps...if it will have same maps as last 14 years, than no one will play it again against veterans

q3newage: in ql 2.0 you will be able to save hostages

bogotac_: rly guys no need for ql2

esgalduin: in ql 2.0 Mynx will have naked boobs

tom10x: QL 2.0 will have summoners and minions.

chilloverkill: in QL 2.0 thae main subject will be to plant and defuse bombs

adobostreak: ql 2.0 will have a soundtrack by Katy perry and lady gags


easyspec: ql2.0 ca only

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be only released on console

bogotac_: u can get married in QL 2.0

fooljsh: ql 2.0 will feature america's favourite cyber athlete fatal1ty as a playable character

esgalduin: in ql 2.0 once during a match a friend of a player can joim a match for30 secs to help frag the opponent

handoncock: justin bieber for ql2.0 sonttrack plz

handoncock: Baby baby bbaby ohh

fooljsh: ql 2.0 features 3 lifelines to aid you in reaching the million dollar question

icingonthecake: for QL 2.0 gabe newell will replace Syncerror at ID Software

fooljsh: ql 2.0 bans all current pros for 1 year to give shitters time to learn the game

nalipotanka: but new maps...fresh perspective, especially in a new engine...if they add same old maps again, no one will come to play QL2.0 for sure

bogotac_: In QL 2.0 There is cooller model with "come to me baby" taunt

xannw: QL2.0 requires razer hydra to be played

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be Q4 with better graphics

q3newage: QL 2.0 will have high and low kicks, high and low punches

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be a reality show starring fatal1ty and syncerror living in a car on the road

0192837465fallen: Remember to register to to play in our tournaments and get a chance to win our QL 2.0!

q3newage: QL 2.0 will be released after HL3

QL (2.0) team, eat your heart out.
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Make Q3TEST Maps with GTKRadiant (1 comment)
Posted by RealityJames @ 20:46 CDT, 27 August 2013 - iMsg
This is how to create Quake 3 Style Maps to Q3TEST

1) Get a Quake 3 Editor like GTKRadient
2) Get QBSP3, QVIS3 and QRAD3
3) Make a map (Some Items will not be used like the GL, BFG)
4) Compile it to Quake 2 BSP (Make it just like Quake 3 1999-2000 Maps a bit not Modern :/ )
5) use QVIS3 and QRAD3 for Compiling some Lights
qvis3 mymap.bsp
qrad3 mymap.bsp
6) Convert it to Q3TEST BSP using Q2TOQ3T
(Useful for 1.06 - 1.08 Mostly)
7) Dont forget to use Native Mode and Turn Off Full Bright unless you dont have lights in yet
8) Test It and Enjoy

Comment if you like to
Or, if you dont know what to do send me your .map file and i,ll see what i can do ;)

Downloads and Links :
Q2toQ3T.exe :
Contact Me :
For your map to be in my Q3TEST 1.06 Collection with a Download Link Comming Soon as we soon reach 50 Maps
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Decisions by ID in QL (Maps TDM/CTF) (29 comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 10:54 CDT, 23 June 2013 - iMsg
Quake Live, quite popular game with an active scene and several gaming modes. Well what's wrong with that? Well nothing, except that it's using just a minor bit of it's potential due to several decision ID made during the years.

Popular gamemodes about a year ago:
- CA
- Freezetag (Premium)
- The others spawned somewhat a year ago but I will not count them in to this list yet (Premium).

Gamemodes that has lost most probably like atleast 75% of it's active users during the last year:

(talking about public servers, not the active clan scene)

So the question here is that why? Well most of you probably has realized that ID changed the map rotation standard. The effect on it on TDM was enourmous. Since it was not hard to find a TDM game a year ago before this was implemented. State of it now is: 1-2 games that aren't pickup to join during a day (4on4)? The question is why they had to implement something that would mainly kill the whole scene of public TDM. One of the easiest gamemodes to understand. Also the TDM-scene clanwise was very active at that moment but I doubt it has increased since there is nowhere to find new players. You most likely have to play several other mods and have somewhat good skill to even be intrested in the world of QL TDM. And if you don't like it you wount continue it.. So how can we see a growth here? It's not like this would need some major coding to be fixed.

CTF has had somewhat the same thing, but not even close to as big difference as in TDM. Most of this also just because removing favorite maps to only players paying, so it's impossible to have all months a really nice map pool. This doesn't affect the paying customer in other ways than that very many maps will most likely not be played every month. If not playing pickups, but all people don't like pickups, some people like this "arcade"-mode better but not too much thinking and too advanced tactics. But even the paying players doesn't get to play most maps if not arranging a game him/her self. This will also require most likely spamming around on irc and recruiting friends, sitting at the computer for a quite long time. So is this what the premium/pro players is paying for? Not enough players to play premium maps on publics? I doubt most like this.

FFA doesn't have a too big issue with this, since the variation of "good maps" is bigger and the requirements of the maps ain't as big as in TDM/CTF.

CA is also more flexible than CTF/TDM, but a big part of players doesn't like playing narrow & big maps which mainly is spam only. So it only affects a bit on the CAs public scene.

So how to fix this? Simple, implement different rotations on different gaming modes. So for example TDM has several "favorites" in the pool. This will do that more people will play TDM on publics, which means that ID will get more paying customers. Same with CTF. I don't like playing Siberia only this month. There are other good maps but most of the new ones has major fps-issues while the older ones doesn't. So atleast in my case only somewhat nice "top map" this month is Siberia.
Split "top maps" in to 3 different rotations in TDM and CTF and keep this game alive. With these 6 rotations (?) the quality of the public maps choices are too narrow for them to be intrested in to paying anything to get to try the gamemodes. So do yourself a favor and double the map pools for both TDM and CTF!

Yours, paying customer: G_Uru
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A different training method (77 comments)
Posted by Memento_Mori @ 11:03 CDT, 7 June 2013 - iMsg
I just finished editing an article about a different way of approaching practice for duel in Quake live. The article targets mid-tier players (1400-1700 elo) but better players are welcome to give feedback.

You can read the full article in the next page.
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diabz doing actual journalism (kinda) (17 comments)
Posted by diabz @ 11:49 CDT, 1 June 2013 - iMsg
I wrote an article about mainstream media aggression, bias and manufactured outrage. It's got a run on Independent Australia and who knows, might be the start of something sexual!

If you enjoy a good read, head on over, like and share. Thanks!
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Interview with Cyril "Cgg" Gantin (35 comments)
Posted by uZu @ 06:41 CST, 15 February 2013 - iMsg
With more than 10,000 maps and thousands of authors, all listed and available at Worldspawn, an archive for Quake 3 Arena content made by and for the community, the Quake III: Defrag mod appears as an exception in the world of FPS.

Coded by France Cyril "Cgg" Gantin and distributed since 2000, the recent release of the latest version of Defrag, is an opportunity for a spotlight on this project and his author.

Note: I tried my best to not betray Cyril's words and meanings and in the same time to provide a not so bad translation; feel free to read the original french interview.

Btw, I'd like to thank Marky for his review (cheers mate ^^), the cool dudes behind and worldspawn for their amazing work and all the players and people in the DF universe.

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Blackout - The Build Up! (109 comments)
Posted by xerosawyer @ 22:14 CST, 24 January 2013 - iMsg
The Blackout TDM tournament begins this week, with matches commencing as of next Wednesday. In the build up to Blackout we will be looking to provide some thoughts on currently registered teams, chiefly, to allow players unfamiliar with the scene to get an idea of who’s who, but also to give teams a chance promote themselves. In addition to a brief analysis, we’ll also rank the teams, and predictions of where we think teams will place.

Finally, we have also conducted a series of short interviews with players across the board. Altogether we managed to get many players to talk to us, all of which will be included. Players that responded include, Q3TDM legend Sweden Reptile, highlight reel jammers Finland ahxnxa, Finland ovo and Netherlands Terifire, as well a slew of other players.

1. Control Denied
2. Curious Apes
3. Dead-Serious Cows
4. Dumbledore's Army
5. Heffalumps
7. opk
9. red
10. The Russian Eights 8)
11. Supersonic Sexmachines
12. Teamless
13. Tiffany Aching
14. Team ZEN

This segment was completed with the help of Canada Mesta, Switzerland myT, United Kingdom ShadyAK and Russia velez. Thank You for your help! Make sure you [+] them! Get Promode!

Admin E-mail:
Links: Tourney Page, Original News Post, First Update, Second Update // mIRC #blackout (QuakeNet), mIRC #blackout (GameSurge), mIRC #promode
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