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ESR lagging for days now (27 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 21:54 CST, 1 January 2019 - iMsg
Takes several minutes from clicking the Login button to even be able to type in my info. And it's not just that, it's the whole site. But the longest wait required is definitely logging in. Any other link takes 2 mins max, which is still insane of course.

Idk, this had to have started sometime between Dec. 21 - 28 as it was fine when I left and once returning from holiday it's been this way for me since the 28th.

Every single other site I visit online is 100% normal load times, except ESR. I did look and hadn't noticed anyone else mention this. Anyone else? Not really sure what to do about it. Also, it's slow from my iphone whether on wifi or cell towers, while everything else is fine there, too.
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steam (5 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 01:54 CDT, 21 May 2017 - iMsg
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What setting to remove these shadows? (6 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 17:41 CDT, 16 August 2016 - iMsg
[Edit: Solved thanks to the replies below]

Recently reinstalled. Got the game to look mostly how I want it, except now there's these ugly shadows everywhere.

I've tried some commands that I can recall but none of them help with this. I just want everything to look nice and clean again. =( Anyone know what to do?
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Sept. 11, QL update change log (311 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 15:19 CDT, 11 September 2014 - iMsg
Quake Live Update - September 11, 2014
Today's update brings us a new announcer voice, several new in-game reward medals, new Play Now playlists including public standard servers for all game types, and a round of polish to address outstanding issues.

-New Announcer Voice, along with New In-Game Reward Medals!
-Combokill, damage with one weapon, and follow up with a rail kill.
-Rampage, gib three opponents, each within 3s of eachother.
-MidAir, kill an airborne enemy with a projectile.
-Revenge, kill a player who has killed you 3 or more times since you last killed them.
-First Frag, awarded to the player who earns the first frag of the match in FFA or Duel.

New Playlists
-Players may now select Playlists from the Play Now menu that host multiple game modes. When playing on these servers, during the end-game map vote players will be able to vote to transition to a new game mode. All playlists are available for all players to join.

Current playlist include:
-Team Combat: Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Freeze Tag.
-Clan Arena
-Free For All
-Capture the Flag
-Variety Pack: Attack & Defend, Harvester, Instagib FFA, One Flag CTF, Red Rover, and Quad Hog FFA.

Code Updates:
Restored lightning gun knockback (while maintaining it's recent damage reduction).
No longer dropping Machinegun in Classic.
Damage Indicators now show the total shotgun damage dealt.
Added spectator support for Damage Indicators.
Enemy skulls now drop from fallen carriers in Harvester.
Obituary messages now queue, so that we don't lose death messages.
Obituary icons now fade out after displaying.
Item pickup icons now fade out after displaying.
All reward medal icons now fade out after being displayed.
Added Infected VO when you're turned!
Added Go! VO on Race countdown
Added Bite! VO on Infected countdown
Simplified flag VO (your/enemy instead of red/blue, and reduced amount of VO in places).
Reward VO randomizes between 3 variants for Impressive, Excellent, Humiliation, ComboKill, Rampage, MidAir, Revenge.
Fixed a bug with Holy Sh*t, it would trigger when dying near your empty flag stand.
Fixed Weapon Toggle when switch to empty is disabled.
The "Vote Yes / Vote No" callvote popup menu no longer appears during Intermission votes.
Fixed the Invert Mouse option in the controls menu.
Fixed not being able to pickup items after a score in Freeze Tag configured with no round delay.
Tweaked distance fading behavior for item timers and powerup indicators.
Added Pause support for world item timers and powerup indicators.
Added cg_itemTimers to disable timer pies.
Added cg_flagPOIs to disable flag POIs.
Improved weapon auto switch behavior with empty primary/secondary weapons.
Fixed stetched caster/compHUD respawn timers
Allow weapon drops in A&D w/ loadouts.
Removed g_weaponRespawn from rulesets so that the option would work in Create Match.
Restored the zombie speed 1.15x
Fixed quadHog POI shader.
Added Your Team Scores / Enemy Scores in place of Red/Blue unless you're spec.
Removed red/blue scores and rank change (lead taken / lead loss) from Attack & Defend, because these events only occur at the time of other VO playing (flag taken, round over, etc).
Updated preview shots on the callvote menu to match the new levelshots.
Default to the smaller text for low ammo warning.

Map Updates:
Almost Lost - QA fixes.
Asylum - QA fixes.
Battleforged - Fixed floating ammo pack near pg/ra
Brimstone Abbey - Fixed floating ammo.
Campgrounds - Fixed DOM initial spawn locations
Demon Keep - Fixed levelshot.
Dredwerkz - Fixed floating ammo pack near LG
Eye to Eye - Disabled loadouts, let the map give the weapons.
Japanese Castles
- Converted non-ctf chaingun to hmg
- Fixed art alignment
- Removed info_rune_start points.
Grim Dungeons
- Fixed floating ammo box
- Fixed ceiling texture misalignments
- Fixed floating ammo packs
- Added a drop down at GL
- Changed the 50hp at GL to a MH, and placed it at the bottom of the drop down.
- Added shards in drop down hallway.
- Removed MG
- Moved HMG to center of the map, moved PG to a side wing.
- Disabled LG and RG from loadouts.
Hell's Gate - QA fixes
Retribution - Fixed floating ammo.
- Fixed missing medkits
- A few fixes, model origins were in solids. Converted the geo in question to detail brushes.
- Fixed a shader issue found on Siberia, no lightmap stage.
Space CTF - lg loadout disabled
- Clipped the barred gate door.
- Integrated DOM ents
- Fixed a gap at the new mid stone model
- Added levelshot
- Fixed cellids
Vortex Portal - Fixed spawn orientation

edit: meant to post in QL forum. I suck. Admin can move it, perhaps? :D
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Q2 | PURRI - ET [Frag Movie] (16 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 22:22 CDT, 8 August 2014 - iMsg
I saw someone posted this a few hours ago on the QL subreddit but did not see it here in the Q2 forum or Movies section of ESR. I'm not wanting to post it in the movies area, since I am not the maker. But, I think it's worth a watch so click the link. :D

This was a pretty nicely-done frag movie!

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Fun with chrome, music, models and F12 (18 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 05:24 CDT, 11 March 2014 - iMsg
1. On google chrome

2. Open the page with the model in a new tab:

3. Open the youtube link in a new tab:

4. Make sure the song is playing

5. Select the tab with the model, hit F12 and click on the "Console" tab

6. Copy the following:

var prev = null;

var lis = $('div.colors').find('li');
var lisLen = lis.length;

do {
var next = parseInt(Math.random() * (lisLen - 1));
} while(next == prev);

prev = next;

}, 125/240 * 1000);

7. Paste it into the console and press enter once, in time with the beat

- Song's BPM is 125ish. Results may vary
- Tweak
- If you fuck up, refresh the model's page and try again
- Watch her dance
- Maybe fap

I did not make this.
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what the hell, chrome? (19 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 18:23 CST, 20 February 2014 - iMsg
Apparently Chrome did an update today or close to it and they changed the Recently Closed Tabs window to have a fucking google search bar in it.

Actually, they did it a while back(last fall, I think) but you could change it back by Disabling "Instant Extended API." However, that no longer exists and Flocks is gonna rage. I did some searching online and found some results for others asking about it also but didn't find any answers. (article explaining the old fix, for the curious::

Do ANY of you guys or gals have an idea about how to change this back to how it was, without that goddamned search bar above the Recent Closed Tabs? I figure I'm not the only Chrome user and this has to be bugging someone else out in ESR land! Perhaps it's bugging a helpful person that is more tech-savvy than myself? xD

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What was ESR's very first game video(s)? (4 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 03:56 CST, 30 January 2014 - iMsg
Did they exist before 2002, on this website? (page 92 of the movies section):;event=

I could have sworn I remember back then and CS was much more popular that even CS movies were uploaded here(without people raging! Craziness! :D). As well as Tribes 2 and others, of course.

This is the first one that I remember. Called Proxima: TrickJumping (first I remember seeing, as far as Quake goes, that is): The youtube link: the screen ratio is jacked. No idea why. I don't remember it being messed up, 10 years ago. Strangely, I had to google search it, as it wasn't in the list in the Movies section during that time-frame(page 91'ish of Movies section). :o It's not the greatest, but, it's the thing that got me into watching some Quake, oh so long ago and I still enjoy seeing it, from time to time. Took many more years before I really tried playing much, though. :D

That said, *were* there movies on ESR, before 2002? How can we find their names, if so?

Post got a bit longer than I thought. Yay, memory lane! So... speaking of memory lane! What is your favorite frag movie or defrag movie from pre-2003? Show us a youtube link, if there is one, for your favorite.

edit: I just realized how many movies seem to have been lost through the years due to download links dying and no one ever putting them on a place like youtube. That kinda stinks. =(
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ESR Home page troubles (26 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 17:31 CST, 8 December 2013 - iMsg

Is anyone else experience major loading lag on the Home Page?

For me, the main, Home page can take up to 7 or 8 seconds to load to where being able to click links is possible. In addition, clicking links to leave the home page(for example, the Forums tab in the top right or the Articles, as another) takes at least 5 seconds before I can see the next page I've clicked. Edit: This only happens when going to or from the Home page. I can click anything else on the site and it's just Jim Dandy, but, if it involves Home page, no dice.

When it occurs, the mouse cursor stays unusable because of whatever is happening, whether coming to or leaving the Home page.

I noticed this since a couple of days, now. It started around the time that the "DHW 2013 INTERVIEWS COLLECTION BY FACEIT" post was put on the Front/Home page. It's the only thing that changed, from what I can tell and didn't happen before the first time I noticed the thread. Though, I didn't consider that post as a possibility until later.

Could all the links inside the body/white box of the "DHW 2013 INTERVIEWS COLLECTION BY FACEIT" be causing this? If so, is there a way that I can hide the post, should that be the instigator? I looked a bit but didn't notice an option to hide posts.

Anyway, this is not a complaint, but rather, I'm seeing if it is just me or others are having this trouble. I've tried deleting all my internet history/cache/everything to do with that(which I do everyday, anyways.). Rebooting, etc. None helped.

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DHW13 Day 3 betting fixtures? (7 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 04:51 CST, 30 November 2013 - iMsg
Yeah, I don't have much $E but was curious if anyone knew if there will at least bet fixtures for, say, quarter final/semis/grand finals?

I figured I wasn't the only curious person and thought that it couldn't hurt to ask.

Lastly, regardless of if there will be more, thanks for the fixtures we've had so far! :D
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All Aboard!! (9 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 17:06 CST, 27 November 2013 - iMsg
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Headset Thread! (23 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 08:16 CST, 22 November 2013 - iMsg
Hey, again, ESR members! :D

I got to thinking about what I would be needing next for my pc/gaming experience. The answer is, of course, headset! I know enough about the insides of a pc to upgrade those on my own(like GPU, PSU, HDD, RAM, etc.). Mice and Headsets are where my knowledge is a bit lacking. I currently have a temporary pair of Logitech 390s and the Mic no longer works. I've been joining a group voice chat lately where most everyone plays only QL and it stinks not being able to speak as well as listening.

So, I thought my Mouse thread from the other day was great in that it helped me choose something nice to my liking and it would be a good place to inquire about Headsets.

So, the question I am curious about is: If you had ~$100 American to spend on a new headset, what would you buy? Or, what do you use already, in the $100-120 price range? I'd prefer something that has the headphones and mic all in one device, as opposed to a headset + seperate microphone. 'Earbud' style is also not preferred, for me. =)

I know that there are many reviews and such on amazon, youtube, or whatever that I could read. However, I trust ESR members more than someone that could quite easily have been paid to give their 'honest opinion,' if you take my meaning.


edit: Really feel I should stress that I'd like to keep everything (mic and headphones) on one item so it only uses 1 single USB port. I already have all my ports full, as it is due to normal stuff and my drawing tablet(s). =)
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A few mouse questions for you all (21 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 12:50 CST, 17 November 2013 - iMsg
Greetings, fellow ESR members.

I come to you seeking advice about getting a new mouse!

Previously, for the last ~4 years, I have been using a Logitech MX1100. I love this mouse and it has served me well for gaming as well as the digital art that I make. However, sadly, the left mouse button(the part that you click, not the button sensor underneath the button itself) has had the plastic wear down and it no longer engages the sensor underneath. It's quite heartbreaking to me, actually, as the MX1100 is SO comfortable for many hours of daily use.

I usually play at 800 dpi but sometimes switch it up to 1600 and just halve my sensitivity to compensate. Additionally, I do not use acceleration(unless there is some hidden quake setting that I do not know about. Which is possible, since I don't know all the commands, just yet). I do about 24 centimeters for 360.

Therefore, I am seeking something new and preferably under $50 American. Also, I have pretty big hands as I am a rather tall individual, so, I can't go too small! Also, if possible(but not a priority), I would like one with buttons on the left side of the mouse that allows me to page back and forward on web-pages while surfing. It's a handy feature to have because moving the mouse to the Back button on Chrome or hitting Backspace becomes tedious.

So far, I have looked at:

Logitech G300:

DeathAdder 3500:


I know a lot of you know these mice, already, but I am providing the links just in case others that are curious may come across this thread! :D

So, what would you suggest would be my best option out of my listed links or a different one that maybe I have not listed? I know 50 dollars is not much but, being physically disabled and unable to work, money is many times pretty tight.

Thanks for reading and/or helping me, I know it's a long post. I want to make sure that I can make my most informed decision! :D
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What is your proudest moment in Quake? (201 comments)
Posted by flocks @ 20:32 CST, 6 November 2013 - iMsg
Could be Quake World, Quake 2, Quake 3, CPM, Quake 4 or Quake Live!

What moment made you say to yourself, 'Damn, I am so happy and proud of <achievement>!

For me, it was just a little bit ago. I have played CA off and on for not quite two years, somewhat consistantly. I have always been afraid to try duel very much, even though I have watched countless frag movies, defrag movies, VODs, LevelUp, Zotacs, Facey and 125fps.

Yesterday, I finally tried out Premium Membership. A friend of mine decided to duel and I came along to watch. I played her opponent, after watching their match. I got my ass handed to me really bad. But, I got a few frags and now I'm hooked.

I tried a couple of more, today, against much better opponents that I'd never met. Got beat down pretty hard, but, no one ever gets better by giving up! I didn't finish with negative score, so that was better than nothing.

Then, I did it. I beat a random person on ztn and I couldn't be happier. While I am sure there is much more fun just around the corner, my single victory is my happiest, so far!

So, that got me to thinking: There are so many accomplished people here and pretty much all of them are better than I am, so, surely they must have some cool stories to share.

What is your proudest moment that you have achieved while playing Quake? Did you win an online cup? A LAN? A TDM or CTF tournament?

With DHW just around the bend, I thought it might be fun to hear your successes and what it's like for you and what keeps you coming back.
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