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This is an argument for the validity of electronic sports as an actual recognised sport. I wrote this in 2006 but didn't...
Can we finally accept that listening to organisers who wanted to reduce costs, and the money hungry egos of a few top pl...
125FPS Season#22 Pro-League, Playoff (374 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 11:17 CST, 10 January 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 12:00 CST, 27 February 2015 to 15:00 CST, 27 February 2015
Schedule: Passed

125FPS team is happy to announce the next pro league season! As usual big thanks to our general sponsor Russia AlexeyA from Moscow region.

The Season #22 Pro-League is starting 12th January, with its 1st qualification

Full info, results and live report about the league can be found on the tournament page.

Admins: Nico, zubich, mikul, xron
Links: Brackets, mIRC #125fps
HoQ TDM Grand Finals Winter 2015 (4 comments)
Posted by flair @ 07:45 CST, 27 February 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 12:00 CST, 1 March 2015 to 15:00 CST, 1 March 2015
Begins In:

"Why doesn't the league have a finals?

This is the question I asked. Since no one could present a good reason not to have one the only logical thing someone could do was create one! Right? Team DeathMatch has been through the grinder, but we all know TDM still comes out looking better and more appealing than whatever "it" was you brought home from the bar last week. We can sit here and find excuses why she isn't so pretty anymore. We can choose sides or even play the martyr. Or... we can just watch four of the best teams playing in a Single Elimination Bracket this Sunday starting at 12:00 CST, 1 March 2015

Streams: camera 102 camera FlairTV
THE BEST OF TWISTER (42 comments)
Posted by Regulator @ 07:12 CST, 26 February 2015 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.6 (57 votes)
A Duel Movie starring some of Twister's best moments.

ENJOY THE MOVIE - Sorry for being inactive.
Aerowalk QuadDamage (Week 4 Final) (20 comments)
Posted by Jehar @ 18:33 CST, 25 February 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CST, 28 February 2015 to 16:00 CST, 28 February 2015
Begins In:

The (in)famous Quad Damage tournament is back! Uniting Quake players from every title, the Quad Damage will span four games across four weeks: QuakeWorld, Quake II, Quake Live, and Quake IV. To keep the focus on game differences rather than map knowledge, we'll be showcasing the tried and true Aerowalk in each game. Playing in any week will net you points - playing in multiple games will net you bonus points!

This is the final week, finally! Work and illness have delayed things for almost a month, but we want to finish this cup off with a bang. This has been largely experimental, but unquestionably fun. After this week, there will be some notes and tweaks, and we'll churn out another... likely sans Q4. I'm sure it will be missed.

Signups (Week 4: QuakeLive): Xfire
IRC: mIRC #tastycast
QuakeCon 2015 QL tournament (267 comments)
Posted by [eXodus] @ 05:39 CST, 25 February 2015 - iMsg
After looking if QuakeCon 2015 had any tournament I saw they had nothing but "Stay tuned for more information".

However there are rules up for: QUAKECON® 2015 QUAKE LIVE® TRI-MASTER TOURNAMENT

The Quake Live Tri-Master Tournament will feature competitions for up to sixteen (16) four-player teams, where each team will be put to the test in a triathlon comprised of Capture the Flag (CTF) , Team Deathmatch (TDM), and Duel to determine which team can stake their claim to being the one true TriMaster Champion. Teams who come out on top will share prizes of $32,000. Following the Triathlon Tournament, the top two individual duelers selected by their team will then face off to claim an additional $8,000 and the title of Grand Master Champion.

Update: The Quake Live Tri-Master Tournament has now been announced on

Link: The rules
Fragging for Fun... Or Real Sport? (69 comments)
Posted by storm @ 08:11 CST, 24 February 2015 - iMsg
This is an argument for the validity of electronic sports as an actual recognised sport. I wrote this in 2006 but didn't publish it until now. Most of the information might be a bit dated, but I think it might be useful for some people. This is aimed towards an audience that is not familiar with eSports and therefore has explanations in some depth and comparisons to other established sports.

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Chapter 1: eSports history
Page 3: Chapter 2: Gaming team evolution
Page 4: Chapter 3: What makes an eSport athlete?
Page 5: Chapter 4: Money in eSports
Page 6: Chapter 5: Media Coverage in eSports
Page 7: Chapter 6: What the future holds for eSports
Page 8: Chapter 7: So what needs to be done?
Page 9: Chapter 8: eSports organisations
Page 10: Bibliography

By Steven Timms aka 'storm'
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Site summary for week ending 20 Feb (7 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 16:00 CST, 22 February 2015 - iMsg
Partners in Crime - NA 2v2 TDM League (24 comments)
Posted by peterg @ 11:40 CST, 18 February 2015 - iMsg
Sign ups are now open for the new Reflex NA TDM 2v2 league - Partners in Crime. Sign ups will be open from now until February 27th. Play starts March 2nd.

There wil be groups stages followed by single elimination playoffs. Matches are BO3 with maps of AFRODM1, DP4, THCDM6, THCDM13, and XFDM2. Maps are chosen via pick-pick-drop-drop. The full league is expected to last around a month. Full rules are available.

Head over the the Reflex forums for more information and to sign up now!
Site summary for week ending 13 Feb (5 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 16:00 CST, 15 February 2015 - iMsg
HoQ TDM Winter Season Catchup Round (18 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 15:17 CST, 15 February 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 12:00 CST, 22 February 2015 to 16:00 CST, 22 February 2015
Schedule: Passed

The schedule for the catchup round looks like this:

Thursday 19/02/15 14:00 CST
Div2 Europe Rekt vs Poland dioxide reschedule

Sunday 22/02/15 12:00 CST
Div2 Russia b1ngo vs Czech Republic Virtual Owners 2-0
Sunday 22/02/15 14:00 CST
Div1 Europe EliteFour vs Russia Deliberate Murder 1-2
Sunday 22/02/15 15:00 CST
Div2 Czech Republic Virtual Owners vs Netherlands D1CKS 0-2

Thursday 26/02/15 14:00 CST
Div2 Netherlands D1CKS vs Poland dioxide

Streams: camera 102 camera QUAD camera FlairTV
Links: Schedule, Results
Instadoom (23 comments)
Posted by Demiurge @ 08:47 CST, 15 February 2015 - iMsg
It's possible you have been missing a lot of major news lately, by concentrating on the serious competitions. Take a break from playing hard and going pro by indulging in instant gamisocializing
There have been various attempts over the years to "improve" the Doom palette. While these attempts had various goals, and succeeded to various degrees, one question remains: did the authors get paid billions of dollars for recoloring pictures? No? Then their attempts were objectively inferior to one group of people who did!
Read more and screenshots (Cache)

The hope is strong that certain developers leverage visual enhancement technologies discovered by mobile developers, the so called 'filters', as one of the numerous means of rejuvenating modern gamer interests.

[EU] reflex tournament #1 (63 comments)
Posted by tehace @ 09:09 CST, 9 February 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 09:00 CST, 21 February 2015 to 14:00 CST, 21 February 2015
Schedule: Passed

Poland tehace, Germany MnstH and Australia newborn are running a Reflex Duel tournament on the 21st of February. For more infos, check out the post on the Reflex Forum, also the Cup page is a good place to sign-up and read about stuff.

Maps list: bdm3, dp4, thcdm13, dp5, thct1

Stream: Zlive
Links: Cup page, mIRC #reflex.eutourney
QLReddit 2v2 Tourney #2 (27 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 16:05 CST, 8 February 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 11:00 CST, 22 February 2015 to 15:00 CST, 22 February 2015
Schedule: Passed

Quakelive Reddit channel organizes a 2v2 TDM tournament on Sunday 11:00 CST, 22 February 2015. Check-in is now open.

Update: Postponed until 11:00 CST or until server spawning get fixed.

Streams: camera 102.ash, Fazz, Funnyb
Links: mIRC #qlreddit, QuakeLive Subreddit, Sign-up
Site summary for week ending 06 Feb (4 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 16:00 CST, 8 February 2015 - iMsg
The Silent Gamers Return - CTF Tourney (34 comments)
Posted by flair @ 09:03 CST, 8 February 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 19:00 CST, 15 February 2015 to 21:00 CST, 15 February 2015
Schedule: Passed

QuakeLive players will be happy to hear that United States of America Ackshun is bringing back the Silent Gamers Organization. There are plans to host CTF and Duel events for North America, and rumors of TDM for Europe! The first event of 2015 will be a three day double elimination CTF Tournament. Check in for registered teams will be one hour before the tournament in the irc channel #silentgamers. If you do not have an irc client you can use your browser to open the web client. Please make sure you check in so we can start the first round of matches at 19:00 CST, 13 February 2015 and if you have any questions send them to

Stream: camera FlairTV
Links: Website, #silentgamers
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