Well i've played it for a week now and theres still alot of issues that is dislike about it and pretty much pissed about. It seem they've learn't nothing from Q3, people have said q3 wasnt perfect at the start well i expect them to at least have basic features Q3 had fromt he start.


They've made the hitbox even worse, alot of people have said how easy it is to hit rails and rockets in so i decided to look at the hitbox


It seems very big compared to the model, the first screenshot shows how far behind the player the box goes.

Map Locations

Or rather the lack of them, afaik both Q3 and SOF2 had map locations from the start, so surely neither id or raven have an excuse to omit such an important feature in TDM/CTF. For now TDM will be Team FFA and CTF will be impossible without voice comms. Only thing i can think of is they rushed MP out without too much thought.

Custom Map Handling

In doom 3 if there was any custom maps on the server the clients needed to have them all to be able to connect!, seems id didnt both fix this for Q4, again i see no reason why it has to be like this qw, q2 didnt q3 had pure servers but you didnt need to have the same paks as the server to connect either.


Not gonna go into this too much yet but i have a few niggles, first off is the rockets, yes they are slow but i seem to get more direct hits with them than i do in q3/cpm, they seem to have 'width' to them wheres in q3 their only a pixel wide, big hitbox prob adds to this.

The shotgun, seems yet again to be random like q3? sometimes im up against a spawner and i have like 85 and a 20 units of armour yet then seem to 1 shot me from a mid distance shot, bloody annoying, the Q2 SSG was beefy but you had to get in close for most of that beef.

The lg is weird sometimes it seems to do alot of damage then none at all, mostly when you have to trakc and enemy, really needs the fake shaft removed i guess, the nailgun i kinda like annoying but a nice comeback weapon, i've surprised a few rail whores with this, the RG ye seems over power, the hitboxes makes it even stronger, personally id like a 2 second reload rather than a damage drop.

The Maps

Ok i wasn't expecting much here, but fragging yard is bloody arwful but will be played simply due to the lack of anything else. The thing looks like someones first atempt at maping, it also reminds me of t4 but worse. What we have here is a big box with 2 smaller boxes, and tons of speed pad things to make out for the poor map flow, to be agressive on this map it mean using those pads, which in the end gets your railed over and over. Matches end up being some kinda laser tennis match, you stay that side with rail and ill stay this side and we'll spam slugs back and forth, no need to make an instagib mod for q4 just play this map. The sooner this map dies the better

The edge remake actually played alot more like the q2 version then i thought it would, its all about ya/mh control, theres 2 main issues that has totally broken the map. The first being the jumppad from rl to gl, where in q2 theres a lift, this was one of the main attack routes to ya/mh but putting a jumppad there means if your going to get railed 99% of the time.

The next issue is the rail placement, in q2 having it int he water ment it was risky to get it, also ,ment you'd have to give up mh control to get it, this ment if your the upper player and you've just made a frag and you want rail you had to weight up the pros and cons of going to get rail, you could lose control of the map doing so, now this is totally removed just gives more control to the upper player.

The other small things is the RG ammo in the ya/mh room GG!!! and the MH spawn, qw, q2, cpm had when it runs out system while vq3 had every 2 mins for all mode. Personally i think the mix of the 2 is better, when it runs out for 1v1 and every 2 mins for other modes.

ADD: sc00p prob puts these issues better than i do check https://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=917294

No doctors seems alright bit dark for me but nice map flow, the 1 armour system(like with alot of the q4 maps) sucks.

Played some 4v4 lastnight and i really liked bloodwork, by far the best q4 map imo tho the regen needs to be replaced with quad, regen is a pointless power up in tdm its not worth leaving your camp spot for it.


Forgot to say Q4 needs double jumps and drop weapons ;)

I've also ordered a an upgrade:

amd 64 3700
Nvidia 7800 GT

My pockets 500 + (1000 euros?) unlike you bloody students i have bills and im far to old for my parents to buy me stuff like this anymore :P