This morning i loaded up default q3, bumped up the res, wack up all the settings, set com_maxfps 400, it looked awesome and never dipped below 300 fps, the movement felt so damn smooth, after 2 days of q4 this felt so good.

I think everyone wants and hopes for something new have blinded them totally, me included.

Lets look at a few things:

Q: Does it run smooth
A: Nope most of us can't keep 60 fps when we can get over 300 in Q3

Q: Wow so the graphics must be awesome right?
A: No, it doesn't look any better than the 5 year old quake Q3 engine, it has bump mapping but everyone turns that off, then its no better than Q3, the polycount doesn't seem any higher neither do the textures.

Q: Well turning off the bump mapping must make it run a hell of alot better right?
A: Nope :(

Q: What about the movement, ramp jumps kick arse.
A: Yeah they do, but they don't help you get up stairs or jump up all those boxes everywhere, what happened to the double jumps??? Not only that constant FPS drops messes up the movement.

Q: Well why don't you spend £300-500 on an upgrade?
A: Yeah, to play something @ 60 fps that doesn't look any better than Q3 does @ 300 fps :(

So what are we left with, new maps which aren't that great and weapons that are different versions of the last 3 quake games.

Q: Well mister Drex, we all want and need a new game, its been 5 years since Q3 came out, there was only a year between QW and Q2 and only 2 between Q2 and Q3!!
A: Well id just gave us the Q3 source, we could get together, make a standalone Q3 based game that uses new maps, has new weapons and have all the VQ3 movement + ramp and double jumps, all this at 300 fps \o/

Honestly i feel robbed by ID even tho I'll most likely play it because its new, most people wont admit this is true because our hopes are so high they get blinded by that, go dig up some doom3 threads to see this.

You need to ask yourself: [b] Why are we playing this game that runs 5 times worse than a 5 year old game and looks no better[b]

Kinda silly if the answer is for ramp jumps and modified weapons, we could easly get those in q3 and have it all working better than q4 ever will

Warsow has shown its possible to do this, could you imagine what what could be done with the q3 engine but with a large dev team. Once its done we'll have a stand alone client that could go magazine cover disks or be downloaded free of charge. Look how well ET did.

And what would it be called? PQ4 - The Peoples Quake 4